What “My Audio Needs” Stands For

My Audio Needs’ mission is to recommend what truly matters to speaker, headphone and earbud users. We independently find, test and review speakers and earbuds to help you find just what you need. 

Whether you require Bluetooth speakers for your PC, wireless speakers for your boat or earbuds for your phone, our main objective is to save you time, reduce your spending and remove the stress of shopping.

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Importance of Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones in Our Lives

Wires put limits on you, and Bluetooth speakers and headphones set you free. Wireless speakers and earbuds offer fantastic portability, allow you to multitask while still enjoying your favorite beats or hands-free phone calls.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Informational Websites

We conduct extensive research, analysis and testing before we make recommendations. Our research and writing team follows rigorous quality standards before finalizing a product review. Only people with in-depth product knowledge are given the job, so you make informed buying decisions. 

While reviewing a product, we routinely consult technology experts to stay relevant, up-to-date and accurate. We dislike repetitions and content that do not add value to the platform. Above all, we understand your speaker and earbud needs and only bring helpful information to our readers.

How Our Team Prepares Product Reviews

Every piece of writing is based on accurate research, mindful analysis, meticulous writing and careful editing. Here are the main steps we take: 

Step 1: We research products and topics that could be helpful.  

Step 2: We check selected products physically and begin our testing. 

Step 3: We gather as much knowledge about the product as possible.

Step 4: We conduct a thorough topic / product analysis before writing an article.

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Step 5: We proofread and fact-check the draft. Then, our experts review and finalize the article before we publish it.

Our Team

Bryan Davis

Owner, Author & Editor

Hi, I’m Brian Davis. I’m the owner and founder of MyAudioNeeds.com. I also write articles and edit all the content on the site.

I’ve been into audio for years and have enjoyed tinkering with different sound systems as technology has advanced. This has given me lots of enjoyment over the years, including advanced knowledge of the audio industry. 

It even gave me the opportunity to work for an online review and marketing website, which is what motivated me to start my own site.

My objective is to provide people with quick, informative answers to help make a decision quickly and easily, eliminating confusion. 

Too often, you see articles that recommend multiple products or try to review everything on the market. My goal with My Audio Needs is to only review a small amount of quality products, to make deciding much simpler.

Thanks to my life experience, I also have a wealth of knowledge, which I share in the form of fantastic informational articles to answer one’s audio questions.

When I’m not playing with my home theater and wireless home audio system or writing helpful articles, you can find me out on the water riding a jet ski or relaxing with friends on the boat.

Write for Us

I’m always on the lookout for good writers that have experience with audio devices such as speakers mobile phones and home theater.

If you think you can write for this site and can have your articles technically correct, then contact me. I will only employ writers who have knowledge in this area and know what they are talking about.

For the right person, we can even add a bio to provide you with credit for your work. If this seems like you, feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss further.

Guest Posts

If you would like me to add your guest post, please read what I expect of a writer above and if you feel you can provide this feel free to contact me.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch, then fill out the contact us form or email me at [email protected].