DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR006 Review

It’s no secret that contractors and tradespeople love to have a little music in the background when they are working at a jobsite.

It’s also not unknown that tools and Bluetooth speakers used on a work site can have a rough time.

dewalt bluetooth speaker dcr006 review

DEWALT recognize the demand for a robust, rock solid and dependable speaker with Bluetooth capabilities that could handle the rough and tumble setting of a jobsite and not skip a beat.

In 2014, they rolled out the DCR006 portable speaker, a revolutionary new device, back then. In the jobsite speaker world, that brought legendary DEWALT toughness into a dedicated media player – something that other companies had tried to pull off before, but never quite perfected.

Super simple to operate, really quick to connect and halfway decent sounding, the DEWALT DCR006 was almost immediately a smash hit.

Today, these solid little pieces of hardware are still being sold in record numbers, thanks in large part to their durability and also the very affordable price. You don’t have to break your bank to get solid sound on the job anymore.

Is This DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker For You?

It’s not just the tradespeople and contractors who have fallen in love with the DEWALT DCR006 over the years, though.

Farmers like to have a little music rocking and rolling when they are working the fields, too. It’s nice to be able to throw this in a tractor or a piece of equipment and know that you’re going to get all day music out of a single DEWALT cordless battery.

Tailgaters throw this DEWALT DCR006 into the back of their trucks and blast music at football games all over the country.

Campers use the DCR006 to play some tunes when they are way off the beaten path, too.

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Even folks in offices use the DCR006 as their ‘go to’ Bluetooth speaker. Not so much because they need the rugged durability the same way that folks on a jobsite might, but because this thing just works the way it’s supposed to, without any headache and without any hassle.

Of course, you’ve also got homeowners throwing this out by the pool. Then the DIY-ers putting it in their shop when tackling projects and people sticking around their home or in the garage just to have music on demand without relying solely on the speakers in their phone or tablet.

At the end of the day, most folks are going to find a use for the DCR006 if they’re looking for a reliable, good sounding Bluetooth speaker that isn’t going to set them back a ton of money. 

What We Like About The DEWALT DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker

Mini option


  • Small compact
  • Rubber mounts
  • USB charging devices
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux-in
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Like most things DEWALT, this Bluetooth speaker is built like a bank vault.

A little bit on the chunky side of things to be sure, there isn’t a person on the planet that would call this DEWALT speaker poorly constructed or made from flimsy materials. It feels solid in the hand, it looks solid from a distance, and it’s able to take a licking and keep on ticking without any degradation in overall sound output.

Everything DEWALT makes, seems to add to the mystique this brand has for putting out products that just can’t be broken, as can be seen from so many positive reviews of their tools, batteries and Bluetooth speakers. 

This Bluetooth cordless jobsite speaker is no exception.

Another thing we really liked was how simple this Bluetooth speaker was to use.

If you have fiddled with finicky options in the past, speakers that took forever to connect to and then dropped a connection almost right after finally working, you know how frustrating things can be.

DEWALT is going to put your mind at ease with this DCR006 speaker model right out-of-the-box.

The rubberized control scheme on the front of the unit makes it easy to power on and start the Bluetooth connection process. Almost immediately, the Bluetooth 4.0 tech goes live, searching for the signal from your phone or audio source – and then auto-connection technology takes over from there.

Bluetooth 4.0 is a little long in the tooth now, to be sure, but it’s still a pretty reliable way to get your phone or tablet connected to this Bluetooth speaker. You might not get the extreme distance and reliability you get with Bluetooth 5.0 and above, but 4.0 isn’t going to disappoint.

Next, the ability to run this speaker off AC/DC power, 12V power or 20V power (using DEWALT cordless tool batteries you probably have on hand already) is another big bonus.

You’ll be able to get up to 15 hours of playback on a single 20V battery (a little less on the 12V option, obviously) and that’s nothing to sneeze at, whatsoever.

Snapping the battery into place is easy, it’s on the bottom of the unit so that you don’t have a huge battery protruding out of the back, the side or the top that you need to contend with.

You can also always hook up with AC power whenever you have it available, leaving those DEWALT cordless batteries for your tools instead.

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR006
  • Powerbank
  • Compact device
  • Bluetooth ready
  • 100ft range
  • Quality housing

What We Don’t Like About The DEWALT DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker 

Even though there is a lot to love when it comes to the DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR006 we don’t want you to think all is sunshine and roses.

This is a really, really good piece of hardware – but it isn’t perfect.

For one thing, the sound quality coming out of this Bluetooth speaker leaves a bit to be desired, compared to others that have come to market in the almost 8 years since this DEWALT speaker initially rolled off the assembly line.

That’s to be expected, though.

Sound can be a little flat, a little ‘tinny’ and a little hollow. Some of that has to do with Bluetooth 4.0 and its limitations, but some of it has to do with the audio drivers built right into the dual speaker configuration.

You’ll notice the degradation and sound quality issues when you crank volume up, though. Under 70% or so, you won’t notice anything (unless you have a really dialed in ear). Over that, though, you’ll start to notice a bit of a breakdown – especially if your audio source is further than 30 or 40 feet away.

The lack of an IP rating for dust and moisture leaves a little to be desired with this DEWALT Bluetooth speaker setup, too. So, just be a bit more careful while using this speaker at a backyard pool party or near water. 

The last thing we want to highlight is a lack of dedicated controls for music playback. You’ll be able to start and stop the music or media you are streaming, but you won’t be able to skip a track or play the previous one without controlling it from your audio source device.

Those might seem like little picky issues to some, but they are issues we noticed all the same.

Pros and Cons

  • Top-notch DEWALT reputation for ruggedness and durability
  • Very lightweight and pretty portable
  • Incredible playback time on a single 20 V battery
  • Easy to connect Bluetooth system
  • Rubberized controls are easy to use
  •  Sound quality is 'okay' at higher volumes
  • No dust or waterproof rating
  • Doesn’t have dedicated controls for music progression
  • No AM/FM radio  

What’s Included?

When you receive your DEWALT DCR006 and open the box, you’re not going to find a whole bunch of ‘goodies’ and accessories inside.

You’ll find the speaker system itself, a dedicated power cord for AC power, and an owner’s manual as well as a warranty card.

And that’s about it!

Technical Specifications

  • Weighs under 3 pounds
  • Measures 10” x 6” x 12”
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Leverages lithium-ion DEWALT cordless tool batteries or AC power
Mini option


  • Small compact
  • Rubber mounts
  • USB charging devices
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux-in
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  • Rugged design means this is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for job sites, shops and the outdoors
  • Dual 2.5-inch 3W speakers are capable of producing decent sound (except at very high volumes)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 range stretches out to about 100 feet before it starts to become unstable
  • This DEWALT Bluetooth can use AC corded power as well as 12 V or 20 V DEWALT cordless tool batteries
  • A 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty comes with this product to give you piece of mind.

Final Breakdown Review

When this Bluetooth speaker first hit the market (almost 8 years ago), it caught things on fire with its popularity.

Today, there are a few other options – including some from the folks at DEWALT – that are probably a little bit better and a little more advanced (depending on your needs, of course). But this is still a rock solid setup at an almost unbeatable price point.

If you don’t need all the latest bells and whistles, but instead want something reliable and capable of halfway decent sound quality at the jobsite, the DEWALT DCR006 is not a bad speaker to go with at all.

Still not convinced if this jobsite Bluetooth speaker is for you? Browse through our other DEWALT speaker and radio reviews or speakers for factory work from other brands to compare them.

Have a closer look at their specifications and features.

That way, you can decide on which one of these outstanding speakers for loud environments such as your workshop or jobsite to purchase.

dewalt bluetooth speaker dcr006