IPX and IP ratings Chart for Bluetooth Speakers and Earbuds

This is an outline of each IPX an IP rating and what it will protect a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth earbuds from where water and dust is concerned.

ipx and ip ratings chart for bluetooth speakers and earbuds

IPX Ratings for Bluetooth Speakers and Earbuds

Here are the different IPX ratings below, with a brief explanation to help you better understand each waterproof rating’s function.

IPX0: No testing and not protected

Standard Bluetooth speakers and earbuds that are built with no water protection whatsoever. That means any water dropped onto them may damage the product.

Most of the first Bluetooth speakers and earbuds ever made full into this category. It wasn’t too later on in later models that portable speakers and earbuds started to have water protection added.

IPX1: Dripping water from above

A Bluetooth speaker or earbuds with an IPX1 rating can withstand dripping water from above for 10 minutes. Simply a small amount of light rain for a short amount of time would be ok, but no longer.

This only includes water that comes from above. There is no protection if the water comes from an angle.

IPX2: Dripping water from an angle of 15 degrees

With an IPX2 rating, you get the same protection as an IPX1 rating for 10 minutes. The added protection is that the speaker or earbuds will now withstand light rain or spray on a slight angle. 

IPX3: Water spray from an angle of 60 degrees

Just like the previous 2 ratings, the protection is from light rain or mist for 10 minutes and from an increased angle of 60 degrees.

Just like IPX1 and IPX2, this rating will only give protection from a minimal mist of water. 

IPX4: Splashing of water from any direction

Now, an IPX4 rating is a bit better. Water splashed onto a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds will not infiltrate the unit. They should be able to repeal splashes for up to 10 minutes.

Any major soaking of the speaker or earbuds here may also cause damage, this rating means if you splashed them with a glass of water they would be fine.

IPX5: Water jet from any direction

A unit with an IPX5 rating would withstand being hosed off with water. If you were to spray it with a hose for 3 minutes, it would be fine.

Something with an IPX5 rating would be unlikely to survive if it ended up in the swimming pool, for instance.

IPX6: Powerful water jet from any direction

This rating just like an IPX5 rating will withstand a strong spray of water for 3 minutes. It would also survive if it accidentally got thrown into water.

If this happened, you would need to remove it from the water rapidly to prevent permanent damage.

IPX7: Powerful water jet from any direction

An IPX7 rating is just like an IPX6 rating, except the speaker will survive 30 minutes if it were to go for a swim.

This is a good rating for speakers or earbuds you would like to use outside or near water. Even though they would last up to 30 minutes in the water, it’s not recommended that they be submerged.

IPX8: Immersed in water continuously

If a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth earbuds have an IPX8 rating, they should survive any amount of time in the water.

An IPX8 rating means that the unit can be submerged in water for a set amount of time, meaning it is waterproof.

The only thing to be aware of here is each manufacturer can complete this test by submerging the speaker or earbuds for a different amount of time. So be sure to check the specifications if you want to know exactly.

IPX9: Close range powerful water jets

A very rear and maybe non-existent IPX rating in the Bluetooth speaker and earbud world. It is the same as an IPX8 rating where the unit is also waterproof, although here close range powerful jets are used for 3 minutes.

This means the unit can be exposed to the wettest conditions and will remain waterproof at all times.

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IP Ratings for Bluetooth Speakers and Earbuds

IP ratings displayed on a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds show the product has protection from both water and dust penetrating it.

The first number is the level of dust protection and the second number is for water protection.

IP0X: No testing and not protected

IP0X, IP1X, IP2X, IP3X, IP4X are all ratings that give no protection against dust. You would not typically see these ratings, as there is no point displaying them.

IP5X: Most dust stopped

A rating of this level means your Bluetooth earbuds or Bluetooth speaker has basic dust protection. Most particles will be prevented from entering the product, but some particles may still enter.

IP6X: Protected from dust

An IP6X rating means the unit is dust protected. These kinds of Bluetooth speakers or earbuds would be fine to be used in dusty environments. No dust will enter the units as they are fully sealed.

IP56: Most dust stopped and powerful water jet from any direction

Most small particles will be prevented from entering the Bluetooth speaker or earbuds. It also means the speaker or earbuds are waterproof and can withstand water.

They cannot be submerged in water, though. 

IP67: Protected from dust and powerful water jet from any direction

Fully protected from dust particles, speakers and earbuds that carry this rating are also waterproof and will last in water for up to 30 minutes or longer.

IP68: Protected from dust and fully immersed in water

Again, Bluetooth speakers and earbuds with this rating protected from dust entering the unit.

And, they are also waterproof and can be submerged into water for a set amount of time. This time can vary between manufacturers.

ipx and ip ratings for bluetooth speakers and earbuds