Best Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker 2022 | OontZ Golf Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for the best wireless golf speaker, you might be wondering which one to choose.

There are so many great options out there, but how do you know what’s good about them, and which is right for you?

Let’s find out!

best bluetooth golf cart speaker

We’ll check out the features of the OontZ Bluetooth speaker and then look at a few other portable Bluetooth speakers for a golf cart that are trending in 2022.

This review will help you to determine what the best Bluetooth golf cart speakers are and prevent you from wasting your money on inferior products that won’t work as you desire. By the end of this article, you should be able to find a speaker that is right for you and your golfing habits.

Looking For The Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For Golf?

Choosing the best golf cart speaker is a crucial aspect of enjoying music while you’re out on the course, and it’s critical to take the time to get this right. 

There are a few things you need to keep in mind that are specific to speakers for use on a golf course. Any one of the speakers in this article will work well on the golf course and can be easily used in other situations as well because all of these Bluetooth speakers are portable.

The OontZ Golf Speaker is Best For Your Golf Cart

The OontZ Bluetooth golf speaker from Cambridge SoundWorks is a fantastic product for golfers. It is a neat, small speaker that will easily fit into a bag, and it has a great volume capacity, meaning that you can play it anywhere.

The battery of this Bluetooth speaker charges quickly and will last for up to 14 hours, depending on the volume and content of the audio played.

The speaker’s built-in mic allows you to take hands-free calls while you’re out on the course, so you can conveniently keep hitting the ball while chatting to your friend, family member or a colleague. Handy when no one could join you for the game.

This remarkable little Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to be your companion only on the golf course. Listen to music, podcasts and anything else you would love to anywhere you wish.

You can also pair your OontZ golf cart speaker with another one for true wireless stereo sound, and this will work as long as the speakers are within 100 feet of each other.  

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OontZ Have Custom Designed This Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

Many Bluetooth speakers are rectangular or cylinder-like, but the shape of the OontZ golf cart speaker is different and unusual. It’s triangular and this is because OontZ designed their speaker to separate the drivers from the bass radiator, ensuring that you get the clearest audio possible from a small device. 

They have also thought about the weight of the product for when you’re out and about, and the result is an ultraportable speaker with Bluetooth that only weighs around 9 ounces. Concerning size, it’s just under 3 inches wide, 2.6 inches high and 5.25 inches long.

That’s a very neat little product to stuff into a bag that will deliver incredible distortion-free audio sound as long as it stays within 100 feet from the streaming device.

Furthermore, you don’t have to clamp mount your speaker to the cart.

It will easily fit into the cup holder of a golf cart, ensuring that you have somewhere safe to put it, where it won’t get kicked or dropped. 

All of these things make this wireless Bluetooth speaker ideal for golfing with.

OontZ Golf Speaker with Mount
  • Mount with clamp
  • IPX5
  • 14hrs playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth Speaker Sound Quality 

The OontZ Bluetooth speaker’s sound quality is excellent. Firstly, the speaker has a bass radiator to ensure that you hear and feel the lowest notes. Often, small speakers struggle to produce deep sounds with any kind of quality, so this sets the OontZ one apart from the crowd in regards to a golf speaker.

The speaker also uses two precision neodymium drivers, which produce an exceptional for its size range of high and mid-notes without ever sounding pitchy or unpleasant.

Coupled with the clever design to spread the drivers, this speaker has been built to maximize the sound quality of the device. It’s small, but it doesn’t mean this golf speaker can’t pack a punch.

A Durable Speaker for the Golf Cart

Using electronics outside can be worrying at the best of times, so how does the OontZ hold up if you’re on the golf course?

Its rounded corners have been built to reduce the impact of knocks and bumps, making it perfect for use while you’re out and about. You don’t want to be dropping it, however, as it may break. You might want to buy a carry case to protect it when it’s not attached to the golf cart or pull cart.

How Does This Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker Handle Water?

The speaker is water-resistant and splash-proof, so it should hold up to the odd spill or light shower. If you are the type to play golf in the rain, your golf cart speaker will hold up against small amounts of water just fine.

It is IPX5 certified water-resistant, and OontZ advertises these speakers as suitable for use beside a pool or on a beach.

However, if a heavy rainstorm starts, you will need to put your golf cart speaker away in a waterproof bag to protect it. And, at this point, you will probably have to stop using it.

It is not as waterproof as some other wireless speakers for golf, so if you’re an all-weather golfer, it may not be the best choice for you. In this case, you might want to check out the other golf speakers below.

OontZ Bluetooth Speakers Now Have Bluetooth 5.0

If you’re looking for a speaker that you can pair with another speaker, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what the OontZ Angle 3 fourth generation can do. If you want to enjoy some outstanding stereo sound without having to lug around proper speakers, these are a perfect option for you.

You just have to flip them to Dual Mode and make sure that they are within 100 feet of each other. They will do the rest, creating surround sound with ease. 

Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Other Features

The Angle 3 Wireless offers some great features to its users, including the fact that it has 10 watts of peak output power, meaning powerful sound. It also features distortion-free playback, even when you turn the volume up – something many other Bluetooth speakers struggle with.

You will get a quick charge via a USB type C cable, as well as easy connections with tablets and smartphones for hassle-free music enjoyment. Add the neat size of this speaker, which will even fit into a generous pocket, and it’s clear why it is such a popular one with both golfers and other people who are always on the go.

The Best Golf Cart Mount For Your OontZ Speaker

If you buy the golf edition of the OontZ speaker, it comes with a fantastic mount to help you attach your speaker securely to your golf cart. This clamp will let you fit the speaker to an electric cart, or to a pull-cart or bar.

It has a proprietary bracket system to make attachment easy, and it will grip the speaker tightly so that you can be sure it’s safe even if you are moving around on the golf course a lot. This is probably the best mount you can buy because it has been designed specifically for this speaker.

Other Quality Golf Cart Golf Speaker Mount Options

Those who are looking for different golf cart mounting accessories have plenty of choices too. You don’t have to use the OontZ speaker mount if you don’t like it. Instead, try one of the below products.

The HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount is a quality golf cart mount that will strap onto the golf carts’ frame and is effortless to use because it has Velcro fastenings.

With three of these firmly wrapped around a bar on your golf cart, your speaker will be nice and secure.

This mount also uses a strap around the speaker, which is scratch-proof and tight, and will hold a golf cart Bluetooth speaker up to 13 inches in circumference.

HomeMount Golf Speaker Mount
  • Up to 13 inch diameter
  • Easy to strap on
  • Mounts to bars
  • Fully Adjustable

You may find that you have to practice a bit to get it to hold the OontZ’s triangular shape in place, but it should work fine if you get the strap to it correctly.

If the HomeMount portable Bluetooth speaker mount doesn’t appeal to you, try the Kemimoto Golf Cart Speaker Mount. This one has straps on either side so that you can attach it to different sized roll bars, and it provides a pocket to slip your speaker into, which may prove more secure.

It offers quick and easy installation, and you can pull the drawstring top shut once the speaker is in place, ensuring that the speaker is secure inside. This gives you more flexibility to hang your speaker anywhere you like, with no concerns about it falling out.

Finally, consider the Original Bushwhacker Portable Speaker Mount, which will fit speakers up to 12 inches in circumference. It has padding to absorb shocks and protect your speaker, and will fit rails up to 1.5 inches wide.

Any of these options should allow you to quickly and easily attach a speaker mount to your golf cart, so you can enjoy your golf game accompanied by your favorite beats delivered by this fantastic Bluetooth speaker. 

Bushwhacker Golf Speaker Mount
  • Easy to attach
  • Attach to bars
  • Non slip straps
  • 12 inch diameter
Kemimoto Golf Speaker Mount
  • Attaches to bars
  • Non slip material
  • Easy to use
  • Speaker goes in a bag

Bluetooth Speakers With Mounts vs Bluetooth Speakers With Magnets

You might be wondering whether the best option is to mount speakers using the above mounts, or use a golf cart Bluetooth speaker with a built-in magnet. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

A golf cart Bluetooth speaker with a magnet built-in gets rid of some compatibility issues associated with traditional speaker mounts; you don’t need to worry about circumference or whether the speaker is the right shape for the mount. It is easy to attach and remove the speaker.

However, you are limited to just one speaker. You can’t swap it, and if a friend with a non-magnetic speaker lends you theirs, you’ll have no way of attaching it. The magnetic mounts are built into the speakers, and therefore you are tied to that speaker.

On the other hand, the traditional mounts may be less secure because they depend upon Velcro straps that will eventually start to become worn and stretched. You may find that your speaker falls out as the straps age, whereas a magnet should remain strong throughout the speaker’s lifespan.

The OontZ Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker Package

If you’re thinking of buying this golf cart speaker from OontZ, you should be aware that they offer it as part of a bundle.  

This package includes a special design Angle 3 speaker, with a great printed design of a golf course covering the whole speaker.

There is also a speaker bracket, a clamp mount, a charging cable, a manual to guide you and a sticker, so you get everything that you need – all in one package.

Is this the Best Golf Cart Speaker Combo?

The bundle generally costs just over $40, and it is shipped for free, so it’s a pretty good deal and a great Birthday or Christmas gift for that special someone.

OontZ Golf Speaker with Mount
  • Mount with clamp
  • IPX5
  • 14hrs playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0

If you don’t feel that that’s an outstanding deal, you might want to consider other portable options below. 

What About Other Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers?

There are many other golf cart speakers out there, and if you aren’t won over by the OontZ, you could try the Bushnell Wingman GPS Bluetooth Speaker, which is one of the very best Bluetooth speakers for golf. 

It delivers outstanding sound, features up to 10 hours of battery life and has power bank functionality.

This means that you can charge your phone using its battery if you find you’re running out of juice on the course.  

It also has an IPX6 rating, which means that it’s waterproof to a degree. 

Wingman speakers come with additional accessories for extra convenience. There is a charging cable included, as well as a remote control with a button to announce the distance to the next hole.

Bushnell Wingman Bluetooth GPS Speaker
  • Easy Carry Wingman Remote
  • Hole Distance Announcement
  • Activating Stereo Sound System

Chuck this remote in your pocket and push the button to get audible front, center and back distances when required. This feature is available for over 36,000 courses worldwide.

With the GPS navigation feature, this portable Bluetooth speaker could be a fantastic little assistant on the golf course.

Alternatively, there’s the AmpCaddy V3 Pro Golf Bluetooth Speaker and Mount, which is known for its fantastic bass and great sound.

It is ultraportable and also offers a superb battery life with up to 20 hours of playback, enough time to last you up to two rounds of golf. 

With an impressive IPX7 waterproof rating, it will hold up well even in the worst weather, which makes it a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker. 

AmpCaddy V3 Pro Speaker
  • 20 hour battery life
  • Loud sound
  • IPX7 rated
  • Shock resistant

Also, the setup is pretty simple, you can attach or detach this unit to your push cart or golf cart within seconds. 

And, to add to the above, Ampcaddy’s speakers come with 2 years of warranty, pretty damn good.

A final option, the ROKFORM G-ROK waterproof Bluetooth speaker, is magnetic and has the ability to pair with another of its kind for a true wireless stereo sound audio experience. 

Easy to use, lightweight and instantly sticks to your golf cart and any other magnetic surfaces and stays attached never mind the terrain thanks to the extra powerful magnets and anti-slip rubber rugged design.

ROKFORM G-ROK Wireless Speaker
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 24hr playtime
  • Drop resistant
  • Strong magnet
  • Clear sound

It features up to 24 hours of playback from a single charge, and the battery will charge in approximately 4-5 hours. 

With an SD card slot, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, five-foot drop-proofing and an AUX-in cable for your non-Bluetooth devices, this wireless speaker checks many boxes! However, its bass is not the strongest. 

Any of these wireless Bluetooth speakers would be a good gift for your dad’s birthday, if he loves golf and music. 

Conclusion: Is This The Best Bluetooth Speaker For Golf?

The best golf cart Bluetooth speaker for you will depend upon your budget and the features that you need. If price and the pairing feature are your top priorities, the OontZ one is one of the best golf cart Bluetooth speakers. If you require good waterproofing because you often play in the rain, it may not be such a fantastic choice.

Think about what matters to you on the course, and then opt for the best Bluetooth speaker you can afford that has these features.

A long battery life is great, but not if the speaker doesn’t offer enough volume for you to enjoy it while you’re out golfing!

Grab one of these Bluetooth speakers for your golf cart today and combine the two things you love most – music and golf.

oontz golf bluetooth speaker