Golf Bluetooth Speaker with Magnet | Magnetic No Install Needed

If you’re looking for a speaker that is convenient to use when you’re out golfing, have you ever considered trying a magnetic Bluetooth one?

There are many portable wireless speaker options, and some of them are a really great way to bring music and podcasts to your golfing experience.

golf bluetooth speaker with magnet options

Today, we are going to look at magnetic Bluetooth speakers for golf, so you can ditch the bulky speaker mounts and make your golf audio experience more enjoyable and straightforward.

We’re going to explore how well this works and which magnetic speakers are the top options for golfers to try in terms of quality, price and product features.

Are Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers A Feasible Option For Golf Carts

Magnetic speakers have recently become a very popular option for golf carts. They get rid of many of the annoyances associated with having to mount speakers, unmount speakers, deal with the wires and the fiddle of a standard speaker set, especially if the speakers aren’t portable.

A magnetic Bluetooth option works like magic on your golf cart, turning speakers from a hassle to a blessing, so you can enjoy whatever sounds you want while you are out on the golf course.

If you fancy some relaxing nature sounds, play away. If you would rather listen to rock out there, no problem, just remember you are not alone on the golf course, so try not to frustrate other golfers.

A high-quality set of magnetic Bluetooth speakers does everything you need, mounting and decoupling with ease whenever and wherever you are.

Instead of needing to crack out the tools, if you want to remove the speaker mounts from the cart, you can simply pull the unit off and your cart will be back to normal, with no marks or holes left from the speaker removal.

If you have an expensive golf cart, this is particularly important. Nobody wants to be drilling holes in their favorite cart, but if you want a good attachment, you may not have any choice. Magnetic golf speakers get rid of all that dilemma in the best possible way.

You also really don’t want wires trailing everywhere on your golf cart. It looks a mess, and they are liable to get broken or damaged.

A portable Bluetooth golf cart speaker is a far better solution, ensuring that you can enjoy your music anywhere, without a craze of cables going in and out of the cart. 

If you want to look suave and ready to go on the course, a Bluetooth portable speaker is your best option.

Overall, magnetic Bluetooth speakers for a golf cart sound like a good choice, but you might be wondering whether they are strong enough to hold up to the challenges of riding over a golf course or they will simply fall off and hit the floor.

Golfers Choice
Bushnell Wingman GPS Golf Speaker

Bushnell Wingman GPS Golf Speaker

  • 10 hour battery life
  • GPS distances
  • IPX6 rated
  • Mobile App
Buy on AmazonBuy at Bushnell
Budget Pick
Dprofy Magnetic Bluetooth Golf Speaker

Dprofy Magnetic Bluetooth Golf Speaker

  • IPX6 rating
  • 20 hour battery
  • SD card compatible
  • Bluetooth 5.0
Buy on Amazon
Best All Rounder
ROKFORM G-ROK Golf Speaker

ROKFORM G-ROK Golf Speaker

  • Built-in magnetic mounting
  • IPX7 rated
  • Drop resistant
  • 24 hour battery life
Buy on AmazonBuy at Rokform

Golf Speaker Magnetic Strength VS A Mount For Golf Carts

It might seem logical that anything you attach to your golf cart using nuts and bolts will be stronger than something attached through magnetism – but this isn’t always the case. If you get a high quality magnetic speaker, you will find that it sticks very firmly to the cart.

Because there is one large attachment point (the magnet), there is less stress on the overall unit than there would be if you were using screws.

Each screw will take more stress because it occupies a smaller surface area, whereas a magnet is just one big attachment, and spreads the pressure across its surface.

This means that magnets can be a more powerful option in numerous instances. Of course, this is dependent on the quality of the magnet, but most manufacturers are aware of the need for a strong magnet, and will build their product accordingly.

You should not ever see a magnetic speaker drop off a metal surface unless the magnet is faulty.

Indeed, reviews of many products show that magnetic option is definitely a strength. The attachment is secure, and the speaker might even be difficult to remove. You should not need to worry about your precious Bluetooth speaker falling off.

It is unlikely that a traditional speaker mount would fall off either, but a magnet is certainly not an inferior method of joining two surfaces together – so don’t worry about that!

Golf Cart Speakers Top 3 With Magnets

So, which magnetic speaker should you choose? We are going to review the top three, so you know which would be best for you and your golfing experience.

1. The Bushnell Golf Speaker With Magnet: The Golfer’s Choice

The Wingman Bluetooth magnetic speaker from Bushnell is an excellent product and a top favorite with golfers.

Although you can use this portable Bluetooth speaker anywhere you wish to hear your favorite beats, it was specifically designed with golf and golfers in mind. Starting with the aesthetics, it absolutely looks the part, with swish black bodywork and striking orange to make it stand out.

You’ll never be fumbling to find badly marked buttons, but it still looks great.

If sound quality matters to you, this is a definite must-have. It will make your music sound incredible. All you need to do is pair it with your mobile device and tap “play” to start enjoying your tunes as you have never heard them before.

It’s crucial that you enjoy good sound and volume while you’re out and about in nature, and this speaker definitely delivers. This is probably the most fundamental aspect of having a speaker – why own one if it makes the music sound tinny and flat?

You can also connect to audible on many golf courses around the country. If you want to listen to audible and access GPS distances, it’s no problem with this clever speaker. There are over 36,000 golf courses with this compatibility at present.

There is a detachable remote that you can use to easily announce distances to the next hole and simply slip into your pocket while you are taking the next shot. 

You might be wondering whether this handsome portable speaker by Bushnell will last you through a round of golf, and the answer is that it might even manage two.

It has a 10-hour battery life, so you can afford to spend a long time on the course without needing to recharge.

The speaker’s battery can act as a powerbank, letting you charge your cell phone or other portable mobile devices via a USB cable.

Finally, if you want some golfing stats, you can download the Bushnell Golf App and get free access to stats like your tee times and your score tracking.

Bushnell Wingman Bluetooth GPS Speaker
  • Easy Carry Wingman Remote
  • Hole Distance Announcement
  • Activating Stereo Sound System

You can also watch 3D flyovers, making the game even more engaging and improving your understanding of your swing.

2. The Budget Pick: Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a cheaper choice, you might want to pick the Dprofy magnetic Bluetooth speaker. Priced at under $100, it is a more budget option, but it should still do the trick for you. It has a strong magnet to ensure it will easily and securely attach to your golf cart, and there is no risk of it getting lost out on the course.

This is true even if there is a lot of vibration, which might dislodge a weaker magnet. You can drive a cart around with this speaker in place, and it should stay firmly fixed where it is.

Regarding battery life, if you have your volume at 70 percent, you should enjoy up to 20 hours of playback time, which is plenty for even a few rounds of golf. That means if you forget to charge it between sessions, it’s no big deal, as long as you don’t keep forgetting!

This wireless Bluetooth speaker works with both Android and Apple devices, and it can also be paired with a second Dprofy speaker to create a true wireless surround (TWS) stereo sound – so buy one for your top golfing buddy and enjoy golfing with some great music together.

The Dprofy magnetic speaker is also waterproof with an IPX6 rating, so you don’t need to worry about hitting bad weather while you’re out on the golf course. It is also shockproof and is rugged enough to survive the inevitable bumps and knocks that occur when you use your wireless speaker outdoors.

And, if you receive a call, no need to reach for your cell in your pocket.

Dprofy has a speakerphone built-in and will let you take calls hands-free with an easy push of a button.

This speaker, too, can accompany you on your hiking trip, to the beach and pretty much anywhere you want to take your music.

Dprofy Magnetic Bluetooth Golf Speaker
  • IPX6 rating
  • 20 hour battery
  • SD card compatible
  • Bluetooth 5.0

You can even attach it to the fridge while you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen for your next big party. 

3. The Best All Round Golf Bluetooth Speaker Magnetic Option

A Bluetooth speaker that does everything and at a low price might sound impossible to find, but the ROKFORM G-ROK is a pretty good attempt at this. It will mount instantly to any magnetic surface. It has strong magnets and no moving parts that could break.

This portable wireless speaker boasts a full 24 hours of battery life when used at 60 percent of volume on a single charge, which equates to approximately 6 rounds. And, it is also drop resistant, dustproof and waterproof.

You don’t need to worry about any accidents occurring while you’re out and about; it’s a tough little device that will stand up well to use, even if you’re clumsy.

It delivers amazing, crisp and clear audio sound and enough bass to not annoy the other golfers. Pair two of these Bluetooth speakers and enjoy an even more impressive sound with your buddies on the golf course and not only.

It has an aluminum carabiner with which you can easily attach your speaker to your golf bag or backpack for when you hit the hiking track.  

G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker also has room for a 32 GB SD card, so you can enjoy your music even when your phone is not available, which is a very neat touch.

Put your favorite songs on the SD and make sure you have music any time you want it.

There is also an integrated speakerphone, so you can keep chatting while golfing.

The speaker is also incredibly light, so you can easily tuck it in your golf bag without feeling like you’re carrying a brick around with you.

ROKFORM G-ROK Wireless Speaker
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 24hr playtime
  • Drop resistant
  • Strong magnet
  • Clear sound

Conclusion: You Don’t Need Bluetooth Golf Cart Speaker Mounts

Speaker mounts are a thing of the past: a magnetic mount is so much better!

With instant attachment, easy removal and no ugly mounts left on your cart all the time, this is a far better way to enjoy music while you’re out golfing.

Don’t underestimate the power of the magnets, either; these are designed to stay put, no matter how much your cart gets rocked and shaken.

a golf cart that a magnet bluetooth speaker will attach to