Bluetooth Transmitter for TV, No Lag | Top 6 Picks for TVs

In today’s world, Bluetooth technology is becoming more and more popular.

It is now possible to transmit data via Bluetooth from a TV with next to no lag at all thanks to transmitters!

Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

This means that the sound coming out of your audio Bluetooth transmitter will be in sync with what you see on your TV screen.

Who says this is not possible with today’s wireless technology?

In this article, we will go over 6 top-performing transmitters with Bluetooth for TVs, which have what’s needed for a lag-free experience.

We will also give you some advice on how to choose a transmitter that will suit your needs, and why you may still have issues even if you have a good transmitter with Bluetooth.

What’s the difference between a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth receiver?

First off, Bluetooth transmitters are used to send audio from one Bluetooth device, say your phone or laptop, to another Bluetooth device like a speaker.

A Bluetooth receiver or transmitter in receiver mode will enable a non-Bluetooth device to receive audio via Bluetooth. For example, if you have headphones that aren’t Bluetooth, then a receiver will make them Bluetooth.

This is handy if you have a device you want to send audio to that is not Bluetooth enabled. You can use a Bluetooth receiver if you have audio on a device like your phone, and you want to play it through a stereo which doesn’t have Bluetooth.

The receiver functionality will enable your non Bluetooth audio output device such as older speakers, home or car stereo system, wired headphones and earphones, etc. to output audio without connecting it to the audio source (TV, laptop, computer, iPad etc.).

The transmitter functionality works by turning audio sources that aren’t Bluetooth enabled, such as TVs, e-Book readers, etc. into devices that can transmit digital audio signals to Bluetooth enabled devices (speakers, soundbar, headphones, earbuds and so on) wirelessly.

That’s all there is to it: one sends data and the other one receives data. As you will also see from some products below, it is possible to purchase an adapter that does both. If you have a reason to transmit and receive data via Bluetooth on different occasions, then one of these products could be a good option for you.

Things to Think About when Choosing a Bluetooth Transmitter for a TV

Before you purchase a Bluetooth transmitter, think about what you are trying to achieve with your audio experience. If you are looking to rectify latency issues with Bluetooth speakers, earbuds or headphones, there can be a catch.

Speaking of which, if you purchase a low latency Bluetooth transmitter then more often than not you will need to make sure the speakers, headphones or earbuds you’re using are also low latency.

In this case, you’ll have a much better audio experience and won’t have to put up with watching lips move and the sound coming afterwards.

Here’s a list of things to remember to get you the best portable transmitter sounds possible when you want to use a Bluetooth transmitter:

  • A transmitter for TV needs to be low latency for best results.
  • Both the transmitter and audio output device should have aptX Low Latency for best results.
  • Make sure the transmitters you are looking at suit your distance requirements.
  • Use transmitters that are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 or a higher version.

Can you use a Bluetooth transmitter with a TV?

Yes, Bluetooth transmitters are a very effective way to transmit audio from a TV to speakers or any other audio device. As long as you have the correct transmitter for the job, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The only thing to remember with a TV is that audio lag can be an issue, which isn’t a problem if you’ll only ever use a transmitter to listen to audio without video.

Will a Bluetooth transmitter work on any TV for Audio?

When it comes to TV’s, a Bluetooth transmitter offers the convenience of being able to be used in almost all cases to transmit audio to Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds.

All that is required for a transmitter to work is some kind of audio output device to transmit the audio signal from your TV. Of course, you will have to make sure your transmitter has the correct jack to match up to your TV.

A common one is AUX-Out, sometimes also referred to as a headphone jack. Most modern TV’s have this one. There are also other ways of connecting a Bluetooth transmitter, depending on the jacks which are on your TV and transmitter.

You can also use RCA leads or a digital optical cable to connect your transmitter to a TV. So, be sure to check the transmitter you choose has the required ports and cables to connect to your TV.

Can I install Bluetooth on my Smart TV?

Technically, no. A smart TV will come either with Bluetooth installed or not. If you are looking to purchase a smart TV and want Bluetooth, make sure it’s one of the features installed before you buy it.

In saying that, if you already have a TV or smart TV that isn’t Bluetooth equipped, then a Bluetooth transmitter will be the next best option. One of these transmitters will allow you to stream audio to your Bluetooth headphones, speakers or earbuds.

In a way, this works like installing Bluetooth onto your smart TV to enjoy wireless audio.

Does Bluetooth 5.0 have less latency?

Since Bluetooth 5.0 was released, latency between Bluetooth devices has been greatly reduced. If you’re looking for Bluetooth devices to use, especially with your TV, you would be best to purchase those with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher.

Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 are the current latest versions that have been built to have the lowest latency possible. Of course, this depends on all Bluetooth devices being used having these versions too.

Although, older Bluetooth versions will connect with the newer Bluetooth 5.0 versions, you may still have the lag problem because of the older Bluetooth version.

How do I choose a Bluetooth transmitter?

There are many Bluetooth transmitters on the market for TVs that will work just fine. In our opinion, the number one and most important thing to look for in a transmitter for a TV is Low Latency.

All the transmitters we have listed below have low latency to reduce lag and keep your audio in sync with the picture on your TV for a better experience.

Another factor is how you will connect your transmitter to the TV? Make sure the Bluetooth transmitter has the correct jacks that are compatible with your TV.

These are the 2 most important factors to consider when looking to transmit audio via Bluetooth from your TV.

Best 6 Bluetooth Transmitters for TV, Providing Lag-Free Audio

Bluetooth transmitters are a very effective way to transmit audio from a TV to speakers or any other audio receiver.

The 6 Bluetooth transmitters below are the best models that we could find. They all have low latency to keep your audio in sync, making sure you get an exceptional audio/video experience. This is one of the reasons why these transmitters have been selected, and you can see all the information about them below.

Choose the one that is most suited to your requirements and say goodbye to that annoying lag.

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1. MPOW Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver

The MPOW BH390A is a portable Bluetooth transmitter and receiver in one. It is perfect for streaming music from a mobile device to a car or home stereo sound system. This unit supports aptX low latency for premium audio output while watching your favorite movies.

It’s a relatively small adapter that will give you up to 14 hours of use before it needs recharging. It has all the Bluetooth codecs needed to give the user a clear and lag free experience.

This portable receiver/transmitter unit allows for 1 or 2 connections of audio receivers. So, you and your partner can both watch TV without disturbing your kids’ sleep by pairing 2 headsets to a TV.

With an integrated microphone, you can take advantage of the hands-free calling, which is especially useful while driving a car.

Connection is via an auxiliary jack, which makes it easy to connect to multiple different devices, including your TV.

If you’re looking for a portable multi use product, then this handy-sized unit will be perfect for you.

However, if you’re hunting for something that will work full time with your TV, then there are better options.

MPOW Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Link
  • Noise-cancelling
  • Range: 10 m/33ft
  • 2-year warranty
  • RCA and AUX 3.5 mm (cables included)
  • Battery capacity: 170mAh
  • Battery life up to 14 hours
  • Charging via USB (cable included)
  • Audio codec : aptX-LL (only in Single Link mode), aptX, aptX HD

2. ELEGIANT BTI-066 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

As a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter, the ELEGIANT BTI-066 is a perfect full-time companion for your TV. With 24 hours of battery life from a single charge, which takes about 2.5 hours, you’ll be able to watch movies all night long without interruption.

A handy-sized transmitter that will fit easily behind your TV and stay out of sight while delivering exceptional end-to-end HD audio transmission as long as your audio receiving Bluetooth TV adapter is also aptX-LL equipped.

This transmitter for TV also supports Dual Link. And in addition to being able to add 2 Bluetooth headsets or speakers simultaneously in TX(transmitter) mode, when switched to the RX(receiver) mode, you will also be able to pair 2 mobile devices at the same time.

The built-in mic will let you take mobile calls wirelessly as well.

With multiple connectivity types and cables included, ELEGIANT BTI-066 is perfect and great value as a Bluetooth transmitter.

BTI-066 is perfect and great value as a Bluetooth transmitter.

This transmitter/receiver device also has clear and detailed instructions readily available to make setup and using it as simple as possible.

A clear standout if you’re looking for a transmitter to specifically use with your TV.

ELEGIANT BTI-066 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Link
  • Charging via Micro USB
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Portable
  • Optical SPDIF, RCA and AUX 3.5 mm (cables included)
  • Smart LED paring status indicator
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh
  • Charging Time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Open area operating range: 20 m/66ft
  • Audio codec: aptX-HD, aptX-LL, aptX, SBC, AAC(Receiver mode only)

3. ELEGIANT BTI-077 2-in-1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Transmitter

The ELEGANT BTI-077 is another Bluetooth transmitter receiver that is perfect for use with your television. This transmitter equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 also has an AUX connection, which can convert to an RCA connection too if required.

As long as your TV has one of these two connections, you won’t have any issues connecting this transmitter.

With a long battery life of 20+ hours, it will work all day or night without the need to be recharged, making this device another quality option for transmitting audio from your TV.

Just like BTI-066, BTI-077 also has an integrated mic for your convenience, so you can take calls via Bluetooth with ease.

It has low latency and all the necessary codecs you’ll need for an excellent audio experience from your TV.

Please make sure your audio output devices (headset or speakers) also support low latency, otherwise you may run into a problem with lip-syncing delay while end-to-end audio transmission.

Lastly, like most transmitters, this ELEGIANT Bluetooth transmitter receiver also provides dual connection.

This one allows you to have two sets of headphones, earbuds or a couple of speakers, making it versatile and a handy transmitter to have.

ELEGIANT BTI-077 2-in-1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Transmitter
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Dual Link
  • Portable
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Battery: 600mAh
  • RCA and AUX 3.5 mm (cables included)
  • OLED Display for easy pairing and extra info
  • Charging Time: approx. 3 hours
  • Open area operating range: 10 m/33ft
  • Audio codec: aptX-LL, aptX, SBC, AAC(Receiver mode only)

4. TROND BT-DUO S Bluetooth Transmitter

The TROND Bluetooth transmitter receiver is perfect for those looking to transmit audio from their TV as well as other devices. With low latency and a good quality sound, you’ll get an excellent experience when using this device.

The size of this unit makes it easy to use with other devices whether you’re at home or on the go. It is perfect for streaming audio while you’re in the car, for example.

Pair and stream audio to up to two devices simultaneously, however, while using this functionality the codec will be downgraded from aptX LL to SBC. Please note that Dual Link mode does not support LL.

BT-DUO S provides up to 10 hours of fun from a single charge.

It charges in just 2 hours and can also still be used while charging.

This device can be connected only to TVs that have audio out via a 3.5 mm auxiliary port or RCA connection.

All the required cables are also included with BT-DUO S Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

TROND BT-DUO S Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Portable transmitter
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • LED codec indicator
  • Battery: 200mAh
  • Dual Stream (TX mode) & Multi-Point (RX mode)
  • Input/Output connection: AUX or RCA 3.5 mm (cables included)
  • Open area operating range: 10 m/33ft
  • Charging Time: approx. 2 hours
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Audio codec (TX/RX): aptX-LL, aptX, SBC

5. Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter for TV

The Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth transmitter is an outstanding pick if you’re after a dedicated unit for your TV. It has all the Bluetooth audio codecs needed to keep your sound in sync and, of course, low latency to ensure you get an excellent sound experience while watching your favorite movies.

It’s a small-sized box that will fit conveniently on any TV cabinet or behind the TV, if you don’t want it on display.

Be aware, it only works as a transmitter, though. This makes it perfect as a permanent unit to set up with your TV and comes with everything you need for no lip-delay action.

This Bluetooth transmitter also features Dual Link; and, it has an advantage over the 4 products above. It allows for low latency to be maintained for both of the concurrently connected audio output devices, so you can enjoy video and audio in perfect sync.

Remember, though, as with the receivers above, your headsets or speakers will need to support low latency as well.

The Audikast transmitter with Bluetooth by Avantree has optical, AUX and RCA options for audio.

When it comes to the battery going flat, you don’t need to worry because this device doesn’t have one.

Perfect for your home theater setup; just plug it in, power it up, and it will keep going until you turn it off again.

Powering is possible via a standard USB cable, which can be plugged into your TV or other device able to power it, e.g. an external battery or a power bank.

Please note that there is no power adapter supplied; just the USB cable, so if you can’t plug it into your TV, you’ll have to find another power board or adapter to do so.

This unit is compatible with 99% of TVs available on the market today.

Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter for TV
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual Link transmitter
  • Digital optical
  • RCA and AUX 3.5 mm
  • Direct Volume Control
  • Open area operating range: 30 m/100ft
  • Audio codec: aptX-LL(both Single & Dual Link), aptX, SBC, FS
  • LED pairing status indicator
  • Power Source: USB (Micro USB power/data cable included)

6. MEE Audio Connect and Bluetooth wireless headphones for your TV

With a MEE Audio Connect unit, you can choose what best suits your needs. They give you the option to purchase just a transmitter or if you want, there is the transmitter receiver option. There’s also a pack where you can buy a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones and transmitter together.

Then, if you want an extra set of headphones, you can buy them separately. And, it’s worth mentioning that the headphone cushions are replaceable, which means you don’t have to replace the headphones once the pads wear out.

Also, although these products use Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.2, they still seem to work extremely well, delivering distortion-free high-fidelity digital sound wirelessly. They are equipped with the aptX LL codec, which is what you need for no audio lag while watching your favorite movie or a soccer game.

However, having Bluetooth 5.0 or better is going to make everything operate a lot faster and give you greater range. So, take this into account when deciding on which product to buy.

We’ve set out each product option below for you to check out and make a choice from.

MEE Audio Connect Bluetooth Transmitter

MEE Audio Connect Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Battery: 200mAh
  • Micro USB charging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual Link (connect up to 2 speakers or headphones)
  • Optical SPDIF, RCA and AUX 3.5 mm
  • Audio codec: SBC, aptX, aptX Low Latency
  • Open area operating range: 10 m/30ft
  • Audio playback: 1 headset = 12 hours (2 headsets = 10 hours)
  • Charging Time: approx. 1.5 hours
  • TOSLINK digital optical SPDIF audio cable

MEE Audio Connect Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

MEE Audio Connect Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver
  • Travel-friendly
  • Compact design
  • aptX-LL, aptX
  • No Battery
  • Power via Micro USB
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Dual Link (connect up to 2 speakers or two headphones with individual volume adjustment)
  • Connect Hub with audio pass-through functionality
  • Volume Boost for analog audio connection
  • Optical SPDIF, RCA and AUX 3.5 mm (cables included)
  • Antenna with operating range up to 98ft

MEE Audio Connect Bluetooth Transmitter and Low Latency Headphones

If you want a package that will give you aptX-LL across the board, then this option is a good way to achieve this.

With the low latency codec built into both the headphone and the transmitter, you’ll have remarkable sound without the lag.

Simply add another separate set of headphones, and you’ll be able to connect them together, enabling you to enjoy a movie together with your friend or family member.

You can use up to 2 Bluetooth headphones, earbuds or speakers with the transmitter supplied in this package.

It works well as a Bluetooth headphone adapter to allow dual headphone play.

And with MEE audio products you can see that they have been tried and tested from the amount of reviews they receive.

MEE Audio Connect Transmitter and Low Latency Headphones
  • aptX-LL
  • 1 x Headphones
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • Dual pack
  • Can use 2 headphones

MEE Audio Connect Bluetooth Low Latency Headphones

Perfect for two. If you need an extra set of headphones, you can buy an extra set separately.

These headphones from MEE audio connect also have aptX low latency built-in, which will stop the sound from being out of sync when you’re watching a movie.

MEE Audio Connect Low Latency Headphones
  • aptX-LL
  • Noise-canceling
  • Cinema headphones
  • Wireless or wired
  • Up to 33hrs playback
MEE Audio Connect Replacement Pads for Headphones

Headphone ear pads always wear, so it’s good to know that you can easily buy replacements when they do wear out. Simply buy a new set, swap them over, and your MEE headphones are as good as new again.

Reconnect them via Bluetooth and the transmitter will provide you with the best wireless sound once again.

Conclusion: Cut the Lag with the Right Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

We have just looked at some of the best Bluetooth transmitters that you can buy, if you want to get rid of lag and connect Bluetooth to your TV.

They all have aptX low latency, which is the best and easiest way you can prevent out of sync audio when you’re watching a movie.

Also remember that for aptX low latency to be effective you will have to have a Bluetooth transmitter and headphones, earbuds or speakers that also have aptX-LL installed.

If one of them doesn’t, then the device will fall back to the next compatible codec.

There are even Bluetooth earbuds available with aptX low latency now, if you prefer a smaller option.

One of the 6 Bluetooth transmitters for TV that we have outlined here will surely improve your movie watching experience in our view.

Bluetooth transmitter no lag

We hope you found this article helpful, and we wish you the best when choosing your Bluetooth audio transmitter for television without the lag!