Review of the Avantree Clari Air Earbuds | TV and Movies

The Clari Air earbuds are a great option for anyone looking to buy wireless Bluetooth earphones.

They come with a range of features, comfortable design and excellent sound quality, which makes them an ideal choice for watching TV and movies.

movie theater to use your avantree clari air earbuds

We will review the performance of these headphones in this article, so you know if they’re worth your money or not.

Features that the Avantree Clari Air Low Latency Earbuds have

Multi-function Control

The inline remote control has a variety of functions on offer, including sound and music controls, as well as volume/track selection. Taking calls is also possible using the remote without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket, which makes life simple.

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The inline control also has a built-in mic, so you can be heard. The integrated LED light flashes red and blue depending on what operation is being done. You will find more information on this in the detailed owner’s manual.

Noise Isolation

Avantree Clari Air II Earbuds Lag Free Audio
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • aptX low latency
  • 5 hour playtime
  • Dual driver
  • Dual device

Noise Isolation is achieved through a snugly fitting earbud that seals in the sound.

This is perfect for people who love sound and want to block out their surroundings, so they aren’t distracted by the outside world.

This feature is perfect, if you want to immerse yourself into a movie.

You will get 4 sets of ear tips, 3 of which are made of memory foam, which makes sure that you get a snug yet comfortable fit to your ears.

Carrying Case

A small, convenient zip-up case is supplied for you to store the earbuds in when they are not being used. This makes it easy to slip them into your pocket or bag when you need to carry them.


If you need or want to connect more than one device, it is possible. Maybe you want to listen to music on your phone and then watch a movie on your TV.

With Avantree Clari Air ll, you can easily connect up to 2 devices at the same time. So, you can have both devices connected and switch between them as you desire.

AptX Low Latency

Thanks to the aptX ll technology, there should be no lag, when you watch TV or a movie.

Just remember, when using aptX ll, all devices being used must also have this technology installed on them. If they don’t, the earphones will default to the next available technology.

More often than not, this is the reason people still report latency issues when watching TV or a movie. So, again, make sure the Bluetooth transmitter that is streaming and the earbuds or speakers receiving the audio both have aptX low latency installed.

That way you will have an enjoyable, lag-free experience.

Battery Life

Here you get 5 hours of audio playtime. Plenty of time for watching a bit of TV, and more than enough to get you through those mega 3-hour movies. Once flat, charging is done conveniently through a USB charging cable, which can be connected via a standard USB plug.

Earbud Design

Its stylish and modern design looks good and is comfortable at the same time.

clari air ii with bass

A unisex in-ear earbud that is made to stay secured in your ear no matter what you are doing.

There is also an attached remote that lets you control what you hear with ease.

A small cable connects the two earbuds together and also holds the remote and battery in between, allowing the user convenient access when needed.

Also, because the earbuds and accessories are designed as a single piece, it is not possible to lose an earbud. Perfect if you’re a person who easily loses small things.

Sound Quality and Performance

If sound quality is important to you, then these will be a real deal. The Avantree Clari Air earbuds provide crystal-clear sound with no distortion even at higher volumes. So, if you enjoy TV and movies, but don’t want to disturb those around you, then these are perfect for the job.

Bass is deep and plentiful, thanks to the dual driver setup, which helps to give you more of that theater stereo sound you are looking for.

Altogether, the earbuds produce an exceptional Hi-fi sound for such a small set. Moreover, this is all achieved lag-free, thanks to aptX ll being on all devices that are being used at the time. That, of course, includes the transmitter that is sending the audio.

Are these aptX ll Earbuds Good for TV and Movies

If you’re in the market for earbuds that work well with TV and movies, you’ll notice there really isn’t a lot to choose from. Many manufactures say their earbuds are low latency, but often they fall short.

This is where the Avantree Clari Air ll earbuds step up, providing you with an experience where the lips in your movie stay in sink with the audio.

They deliver an end-to-end audio transmission without lip-syncing delay, as well as a quality Hi-fi sound and solid bass.

So, yeah, as far as earbuds go, these are most likely one of the best you will find for a good quality TV and movie experience.

Avantree Clari Air II Earbuds Lag Free Audio
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • aptX low latency
  • 5 hour playtime
  • Dual driver
  • Dual device

Is Avantree a good brand?

Avantree has been making quality products for over 20 years. They produce a wide range of items for all sorts of customers, from TV receivers to Bluetooth transmitters, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds and headphones.

Their low latency technology is perfect for interacting with your television set; you’ll never have out-of-sync lips on the screen again, thanks to Avantree’s helpful dedication!

There is a 12-month warranty on all of their products, which is fairly standard for Bluetooth devices. The warranty protects you against material defects or factory errors in manufacturing, and they will provide you with a replacement product if needed.

This warranty applies when purchasing from anyone of the AvantreeDirect sellers listed online such as Amazon or eBay, etc. You also have the option to extend your warranty by simply registering with Avantree within 1 month of purchase time frame!

This means getting up to 2 years worth of protection without having to pay anything more than what you already paid at first buy! This applies to the Clari Air ll, of course.


When you sum it all up, these earbuds are pretty impressive, where TV and movies are concerned.

However, we think that the Clari Air earbuds provide the best headphone movie listening experience we could find without the lag.

So, if you are 100 percent about the lag, then these are one of the best options you will find.

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