How to Connect Bose Speakers Together: Two, Three or More

Are you looking to upgrade your home sound system?

Bose speakers are a great way to do just that.

Bose offers a variety of speakers that can be linked up to create a remarkable surround sound experience.

how to connect bose speakers together two three or More

In this article, we’ll discuss how many Bose Bluetooth speakers you can connect together and how the process works. We also have a listed all compatible Bose products, so you know which ones can be connected with each other.

Additionally, we’ll cover Bose Party Mode, Stereo Mode and the Bose Connect app for further customization of your speaker setup.

Finally, we’ll provide some helpful FAQs at the end of the article to make connecting your Bose speakers as simple as possible. So let’s get started!

Can Bose speakers connect to each other?

Yes, there are two ways to connect Bose speakers together. The first is through the Bose Connect app, using either Party Mode or Stereo Mode. These will pair two Bose speakers for a great sound experience.

The second way to connect speakers is by grouping them, which can be done either using the Bose Connect app or the group setting within Alexa. The group setting will connect two, three or more Bluetooth speakers, giving you the expanded sound experience you’re looking for.

Connecting Multiple Bose Speakers

As mentioned above, the only way to connect multiple Bose Bluetooth speakers at the same time is by using the group setting within the Bose Connect app or Alexa.

The speaker group setting lets you connect multiple compatible Bose speakers for an even louder and fuller sound experience. Such a setup will also give you individual control over speakers in different rooms around the house.

Bose Party Mode

With Party Mode in the Connect app, you can use two Bose Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, creating a more party-like sound.

This mode is great for larger rooms or even outdoors, as it gives superior sound with both speakers working together. Bose Party Mode is available with the following speakers:

  • SoundLink Micro
  • SoundLink Revolve ll
  • SoundLink Revolve+ ll
  • SoundLink Flex

Bose Stereo Mode Connect

Bose Stereo Mode lets you connect two Bose Bluetooth speakers to produce full stereo sound with left and right channels. This setting is perfect if you want to use two Bose speakers with a TV or if you’re watching videos on a laptop, PC, smartphone or other streaming device.

Bose Connect App for your Device

The Bose Connect app lets you easily pair Bose speakers together, control their volume and access features on the Bose speaker.

You can pair two speakers together for stereo sound, and even group three or more speakers through the group feature for parties and more.

The Bose Connect app enables the linking of Bose Bluetooth speakers, allowing users to quickly and easily connect two or more speakers. If you want to unlock the true capabilities of your Bose speakers, download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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Here’s a list of the most common questions surrounding Bose Bluetooth speakers and how they can connect together. These will most likely answer any questions you have.

How can I connect Bose speakers in stereo?

To connect two Bose speakers in stereo, you need to have them both paired to your device and have the Bose Connect app installed and open.

Then simply follow these in-depth instructions on enabling or disabling party or stereo mode on your Bose Bluetooth speakers.

Can you connect two Bose speakers together?

Yes, two Bose speakers can be connected together with the Bose Connect app. Bose Connect allows you to pair two Bose speakers, allowing them to play music in stereo or Party Mode.

How many Bose speakers can you pair in party mode?

In Party Mode, you can pair two Bose speakers together. Bose Connect allows you to connect multiple Bose speakers through groups; however, in party mode, you are limited to two.

How do I sync all my Bose speakers?

1. Tap the audio button in your Bose Connect app. If it’s not displayed, simply tap the product control in the bottom-left corner.
2. Select AV Group Sync, which is located in the sync & delay section.
3. Choose the sync mode you would like to use: Sync with the TV or Sync with the Group.
4. Wait a few seconds and your Bose speakers will be synced.

Syncing is an option available through the Bose Connect app. Its main use is to sync sound when you’re watching TV.

It has two settings: sync to picture or sync to grouped speakers. If you’re watching TV, then you would want your audio to sync to the picture. If you have other speakers further away from the TV, then syncing a group of speakers may be the way to go.

Which Bose speakers can be linked?

Here’s a list of all Bluetooth speakers from Bose that can be linked.

  • SoundLink Micro
  • SoundLink Revolve ll
  • SoundLink Revolve+ ll
  • SoundLink Flex

Can you Link Two Bose SoundLink Speakers?

You can link two Bose SoundLink speakers with Party Connect or Stereo Mode. 
Which mode to choose depends on what you want to achieve. Stereo Mode will give you full stereo sound with a left and right channel, and Party Connect provides synced louder sound.
The only two SoundLink speakers that cannot be linked are the SoundLink Mini ll and SoundLink Mini Special Edition.

Can you link two Bose SoundLink Mini ll speakers?

The SoundLink Mini ll and SoundLink Mini Special Edition cannot be connected together with Party Connect or Stereo Connect. The Bose Connect app doesn’t work with these speakers, either.

The only way you could connect these speakers together is via an Aux cable with a splitter.

Can you connect multiple Bose speakers together?

Compatible Bose Bluetooth speakers can be connected together with Party Connect or Stereo Connect. This is done via the Bose Connect app.

It is also possible to group multiple Bose speakers together via the group setting in the Bose Connect app or via the group option in Alexa. These are the only two supported options at this time.


Bose Bluetooth speakers offer a great way to enhance your listening experience. With the various options in the Bose Connect app, you can easily link up two Bose speakers in either Stereo or Party Mode and connect multiple Bose speakers together with group settings.

Whether you want the full surround sound of a home theater system or just need some extra volume for an outdoor gathering, Bose has something that will work perfectly for your needs.

Armed with this information and the FAQs above, you should be able to make informed decisions when deciding what type of Bose products are best suited for your lifestyle and entertainment needs.

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