Can Android Connect to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers?

Looking for the best audio experience?

If you’re using an Android phone, you’re in luck.

Android phones can connect with multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, allowing users the flexibility of customizing their audio experience.

android phone with dual connect to connect bluetooth speakers

In this article, we will discuss the tech that Android users can use to easily and effectively link multiple Bluetooth speakers together for a dynamic listening experience.

We’ll cover topics such as using third-party apps, connecting through Bluetooth transmitters, and more! So read on to learn how Android can fulfill your multi-speaker needs!

Android Phones can Connect to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

One speaker isn’t always enough for the audio experience you want. Fortunately, an Android phone or tablet can connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers. This is an easy and effective way to enjoy your music or audio from Android devices with more than one speaker, so you can fill any space.

There are four main methods for connecting Android phones to multiple Bluetooth speakers. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with dual pairing mode, you can connect two Bluetooth speakers to the phone at once with Bluetooth.

If you have a different Android smartphone that doesn’t have dual pairing built in, then you’ll need to consider other options. These include using an app or a Bluetooth transmitter, which allows you to connect more than one Bluetooth speaker simultaneously using your phone’s Bluetooth.

Finally, the last option, which in our opinion is the best, is to buy Bluetooth speakers of the same brand that are compatible with each other. Using speakers that have a multi-connect feature will give you a more stable connection.

Not only that, but multi-connected speakers can let you set them to output stereo sound and also use dual channels, which means you’ll have a left and right speaker. This is perfect if you’re looking to connect them to your TV.

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How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

Now that you know Android can connect to multiple Bluetooth speakers, let’s go over how to do it.

As we said, there are four main methods: dual pairing mode (with a Samsung Galaxy), third-party apps, a Bluetooth transmitter, and compatible speakers of the same brand.

Take a look at our guide below: it will show you how you can use each of these methods.

Steps to Enable Dual Audio on Android Devices

First, let’s look at the dual audio feature, which is currently only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Here are the steps to connect and play audio through two Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Select Bluetooth on your phone and turn it on.
  2. Turn on both of the Bluetooth speakers, put them in pairing mode and pair them to your device.
  3. Now swipe down on your screen to access the quick panel and select media.
  4. Scroll down to audio output and select both speakers. They should both have a tick next to them.
  5. Ensure that both speakers are paired via Bluetooth and are selected, so you can play audio from them.
  6. Both of your Bluetooth speakers should now show under audio output, and you can adjust their volume to your liking. Volume can also be adjusted for each speaker individually if you wish.

If these instructions aren’t working for you, or you can’t find these menus, then one of two things will most likely be the case: either the phone or version of Android software is incompatible, or you need to adjust a few other settings.

In this case, refer to our Samsung dual audio guide – it contains additional information about getting dual audio operational on your smartphone.

These steps will also work for streaming your favorite tracks to two sets of Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

This method lets you easily use two portable speakers or headphones with your Samsung Galaxy.

Connect Bluetooth Devices to Portable Speakers with an App

There are several free apps available that let you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to one Bluetooth device simultaneously.

Currently, the most popular app is “AmpMe” which allows Android users to connect different Bluetooth speakers for increased sound.

The app is free and easy to use. All you need to do is search for it on the Google Play Store. Once downloaded and installed, just open the app and follow the prompts.

This app allows other Bluetooth devices to connect to your phone. Basically, you have one portable speaker connected to your phone, and you can sync to a friend’s phone that also has a portable speaker connected. This effectively doubles your sound by linking the two devices together.

The more phones you connect, the more volume you have. There’s been cases where people have connected hundreds of phones at once successfully, so give it a go.

Pair a Speaker via a Bluetooth Transmitter

If you would rather not use an app and your phone doesn’t have the dual audio option, you can connect two Bluetooth speakers to your Android device with a Bluetooth transmitter.

A Bluetooth transmitter is a small device that plugs into the headphone jack of your Android phone and broadcasts the audio over a Bluetooth signal. As we said earlier, though, there is the limitation of only being able to connect two speakers.

If you wanted to, you could use a Bluetooth transmitter in receiver mode and plug your speakers into a splitter with aux cables, effectively allowing you to use more speakers.

Of course, this restricts you by cables, but it can work well in certain situations.

If your phone is a fairly new model and has a USB-C audio jack, there are converters, which you can use with a Bluetooth transmitter that has the older auxiliary jack.

These kinds of transmitters are a good option, but they still restrict you to two Bluetooth speakers.

If you need more versatility and are looking to buy new Bluetooth speakers, then this next option is the best, in our opinion.

USB-C to Aux Audio
  • Convert USB-C to Aux
  • 3.5mm Aux 
  • Audio cable
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Most devices are compatible

Connect Portable Speakers of the same Brand for Stereo Music

The simplest way to connect multiple speakers to your phone is by using compatible Bluetooth speakers from the same brand.

Most brands now have a range of Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with each other. This means you can connect multiple speakers and create a true surround sound experience.

This method makes it possible to enjoy your music in full stereo, with a left and right channel. And, it’s worth noting that using this method will provide you with the most stable connection.

Such speakers allow you to connect multiple Bluetooth sources, so you can flick back and forth between phones if you like. It’s great if you’re with friends and want some form of audio sharing.

Below are a few Bluetooth speaker brands that offer multiple speaker connections, so you can connect however many speakers you desire, though generally the limit is around 100 speakers.

These are just a few examples of some well-known brands that will allow dual audio and multi-audio connections with their portable speakers. There are many other great brands out there to suit all budgets.

1. JBL

With JBL PartyBoost, you can link up to 100 compatible JBL speakers together. This will give you great sound without worrying about latency or delays in audio playback. This is a simple and quick way to have a few Bluetooth speakers connected to your phone at the same time.

Most of the newer JBL range is equipped with PartyBoost, giving you a wide range of speakers that you can mix and match. For instance, you can pair up two Boombox 3’s for bass and add a couple of Flip 6’s for some extra mid and high-range sound.

Pick out all your favorite JBL portable speakers and stream your favorite music throughout your house from your chosen Android Bluetooth devices.

Just remember to check the features of each speaker to make sure they have the PartyBoost feature, as earlier JBL speakers have Connect+, which isn’t compatible with PartyBoost.

2. Ultimate Ears

When it comes to Ultimate Ears, you’ve got multiple choices. The BOOM, BOOM 2, Boom 3, MEGABOOM, MEGABOOM 3 and HYPERBOOM all have the PARTYUP feature built in.

You can connect over 150 of these speakers if your heart desires. All you need to do is download the Ultimate Ears Boom app, start it up and connect each of the speakers you’ve selected.

The Ultimate Ears range of speakers is built tough, with waterproof construction and designed to last.

So if you’re looking for a way to connect multiple portable speakers to your device with Bluetooth, Ultimate Ears is a viable option.

3. Sony

Sony is a little more complicated when it comes to connecting multiple speakers. They have different ways of achieving this, depending on which Bluetooth speakers you purchase.

If you’re looking to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your device, you’ll want to look out for the wireless party chain function and/or party connect function. Different Bluetooth speakers use these different systems to enable connecting several speakers.

You’ll need to make sure the speakers you want to use all have the same connection system. Once you’ve confirmed this, you can use them through Sony’s Music Center app, which can pair two or more speakers. Here’s a list of these connection systems below.

  • WirelessParty Chain
  • Speaker Add function
  • Party Connect
  • Wireless Multi-room

If you’re into Sony speakers and devices, then there are plenty of options when it comes to multi-speaker play for an enhanced music experience.

4. Bose

Unfortunately, Bose speaker lovers don’t have an option for multiple connection, but you can pair two speakers for an expanded listening experience.

Bose calls this process SimpleSync, and it’s available by downloading their app. There is a good range of compatible speakers in the Bose lineup to choose from. Just grab your favorite two portable speakers and you’re set.

5. Altec Lansing

This brand has a range of portable speakers that have HouseParty mode for pairing. 

This is a daisy chain system that will connect a maximum of 50 speakers at once. Pairing is easy: there’s a button on each speaker you use to link them together. No need to download a separate app with these speakers.

You can mix and match any of their compatible portable speakers. Then you just pair one to your Bluetooth device and link up the others, so you can listen throughout a larger space.

Altec Lansing has a good range of quality speakers and keeps the operation of their products simple, allowing you more time to enjoy your music.


It is certainly possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your Android device.

Whether you choose the dual connect option if it’s available, an app that lets you link up phones, or a brand with multi-connect technology, you will definitely boost your audio output and sharing capabilities.

And remember, if you want to use dual connect for two sets of Bluetooth headphones, this option is also available.

No matter your Android device, you’re sure to find an audio solution that suits you.

multiple bluetooth speakers that are samsung android dual connect compatible