How to Mount a Bluetooth Speaker to your Jet Ski

If you’re investigating how you can install a Bluetooth speaker onto your jet ski, you’re in the right place.

Here, we’ll show you a few different ways to attach Bluetooth speakers to a jet ski.

bluetooth speaker mount for a jet ski

There are plenty of ways to install speakers onto your jet ski, but there aren’t too many products that won’t require cutting into the body of the ski.

The mounting options we’ll discuss here avoid that, and they’re all simple and portable. So, you won’t have to make any permanent changes to your ski.

These options are also a lot cheaper than the factory speaker options that the big names offer like Yamaha and Sea-Doo.

Is it Easy to Mount Bluetooth Speakers to a Jet Ski?

If you’re using the right products, it’s straightforward to attach Bluetooth speakers to a jet ski.

You can get mounts and brackets that are simple to attach, making it easy to use the Bluetooth speakers of your choice. Just follow our recommendations that work well on any jet ski.

Then all you’ll have to do is choose a Bluetooth speaker for your jet ski that you like and that will be loud enough to hear over the engine noise.

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Bluetooth Speaker Bracket and Mounting Options

Here are some of the most common ways you can attach a Bluetooth speaker or speakers to your jet ski:

  • Ram mounts
  • Suction cup mounts
  • PWC brackets
  • Suction cup tie-downs
  • Cargo nets

We’ll explain how each of these mounting options work, so you can select one that best suits your speaker and jet ski.

Jet skis differ between manufacturers, but these mounts will work with most Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Kawasaki and Honda jet ski models.

ASOCEA Suction Cup Mount for Speaker
  • Secure suction cup
  • Locks on
  • Screws onto speaker
  • Easy install
  • 360 degree tilt

Look through the different mounts below and see what options you like, and then pick a Bluetooth speaker for your jet ski to go with it. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are loud but not too big will be your best option.

Ram Mounts

If you’re looking for versatility and would like to construct a mounting system that works for you, then a Ram mount is a great choice.

There’s a selection of different ball mounts, Ram ball adapters and double socket arms to choose from. This gives you plenty of options, including different sized mounts and how you want your mount to work.

There is also a suction cup option, which means the mount will be fully removable. If you want a detachable option for your jet ski, then this is worth considering.

The speaker attachment works like a camera mount and will give you a lot of choice when you come to selecting a Bluetooth speaker for your jet ski.

Two stand-out companies that offer portable speakers with this mount option are ECOXGEAR and Altec Lansing.

Suction Cup Mounts

A speaker mount with a suction cup is a perfect choice. You can easily remove it without leaving any evidence that it was ever attached to your jet ski.

This kind of mount eliminates the need to cut or drill into the jet ski body, preventing any damage.

To make sure they keep your speaker secure, it’s a good idea to look for suction cups that are vacuum sealed via a latch or screw to create maximum suction.

If you want to use suction cup mounts on your jet ski, they need to be fitted properly and securely. That’s why vacuum-sealed suction cup mounts are ideal.

Once attached, it is highly unlikely they will become loose and detach themselves. 

This will keep your jet ski speakers attached where you intended and let your music blast while you’re on the water.

Suction Cup Mount
  • Screws into speaker
  • Industrial strength
  • Multi directional
  • Easy to use
  • Strong suction

PWC Brackets

This bracket is compatible with almost any jet ski make on the market. Whether you’ve got a Yamaha, Sea-Doo, Honda or Kawasaki, a PWC bracket is a great way to get sound onto any jet ski.

If you’re looking for a permanent Bluetooth speaker bracket for your jet ski that is easy to install, then check these out. There’s no cutting or drilling required, so using this mount won’t hurt your resale value.

One great feature of this bracket is its versatility. It will fully work with any Bluetooth speaker you want to use on your jet ski within the given measurements. The adjustable Velcro straps wrap around the speaker and attach to the bracket, holding everything in place.

There are many Bluetooth speakers that can fit the bracket, such as the JBL Flip and also the UE Boom range.

Basically, you can choose any of your favorite speakers that are loud and waterproof.

Once the bracket has been installed, you simply strap your speaker on with the Velcro straps, and you’re done.

Enjoy your music while on the water and remove your speaker when you’re done.

Suction Cup Tie-Downs

If you want to temporarily attach a speaker for a one-off trip, suction cup tie-downs are a practical option. They will enable you to easily and quickly get sound onto your jet ski.

We generally recommend one of the previous methods as they do work significantly better. But as a temporary solution, these will work too.

Suction cup tie-downs can be used to simply give you a tie-off point or points, allowing you to easily and quickly attach portable Bluetooth speakers temporarily to your jet ski.

This is also less restricting when it comes to the size of the Bluetooth speaker, as you can adjust your rope lengths accordingly, so it’s a good choice if your preferred speaker doesn’t fit other simple mounts.

Suction Cup Tie Downs
  • Two Airhead suction cups per package
  • Temporary attachment
  • Two suction cups
  • Spring hooks included
  • Easy install

Cargo Nets

If you have no other options and need to attach a Bluetooth speaker to your jet ski, then a cargo net can be an option. It has been done before and does work for securing a speaker.

This is done by attaching the cargo net around the rear handle on the back of the passenger seat on the jet ski.

It’s not necessarily the best way of attaching a Bluetooth speaker, as it can end up getting in the way, and, your music will be coming from behind you.

Unless you have a powerful speaker, you won’t hear too much sound from it while you are riding your jet ski.

It’s far better to mount your jet ski speakers at the front of the jet ski, where the sound will come straight towards you.

But this still works if you want a temporary way of getting some sound onto your ski.

Cargo Net to Attach Speaker
  • Latex bungee
  • Easy install
  • Bluetooth speaker net
  • Hooks included
  • Stretches


As far as accessories go, a mount for a Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic idea, and, there are several kinds of mounts to choose from.

The ones we’ve included here don’t require you to modify the jet ski’s body in any way, so if you want to remove the speaker and mount at any time, you can.

The advantages of using a Bluetooth speaker include less drain on the jet ski battery and freedom to place your speaker where it won’t be in the way.

That’s how you mount a Bluetooth speaker onto a jet ski, so you can enjoy fantastic, loud audio while you’re out on the water.

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