Yamaha Jet Ski Speakers: Bluetooth and Wireless

If it’s all about the brand, and you want a Yamaha jet ski speaker system, then you’re in luck.

Depending on which jet ski model you’re considering, there are different speakers and audio packs to suit a variety of needs.

yamaha jet ski speakers on a jet ski

If you’re purchasing a new jet ski from Yamaha, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can choose an audio pack that’s designed to fit perfectly onto the jet ski. Gone are the days of having to figure out a workaround for listening to music while cruising the waters.

Here are the different speakers and audio systems that are available directly from the dealer when you purchase a Yamaha jet ski. 

Yamaha Jet Ski Waverunner FX Speakers

The latest FX Waverunner models from Yamaha, which include the HO, Cruiser HO, SVHO, Cruiser SVHO and the limited SVHO, all offer an audio package.

If you’re buying your jet ski new, then this is a fabulous option, as the stereo system will be factory installed and integrated into the onboard infotainment system on FX models. 

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This eliminates the need for modifications or adding speakers via mounts and brackets later.

With the infotainment system, your phone connects via Bluetooth, making it easy to stream music and take phone calls.

yamaha infotainment audio package for jet ski

For older models in the FX range, most Yamaha dealers supply audio packs. They work via Bluetooth and are relatively easy to install.

If you want to keep everything standardized and Yamaha branded, then they’re the way to go. 

Yamaha Jet Ski VX Speakers

When looking at the VX range, your options vary depending on the model you intend to purchase.

If you intend to purchase a base model such as the VX or C, then you have the option of a portable Bluetooth footwell audio system. Or, you can choose Yamaha’s mount attachable option, which is also Bluetooth and fully removable.

Once you start considering the higher range models such as the Deluxe, Cruiser, Cruiser HO and Limited, you’ll have the choice to add the Yamaha built-in audio package.

So, under this range of jet skis, you have three factory options to choose from if you want a pre-installed audio system with your jet ski.

Jet Ski Audio for EX Series

The EX range of jet skis are pretty straightforward when it comes to audio packages. All models (the EX, Sport, Deluxe and Limited) can have portable footwell speakers or mountable speakers installed from the factory.

Both of these speaker options are Bluetooth, easy to remove and fully portable. So, if you’re looking for a Yamaha jet ski factory option, these two are your best bet.

GP1800 and JetBlaster PWC

The GP1800 R HO, R SVHO and JetBlaster all have two factory speaker choices. The first is the built-in factory speaker package. Like with other jet ski models, this is a fully integrated system. 

The other speaker option is the footwell portable Bluetooth speaker design. This one integrates well and gives you the choice to remove the speakers. If you’re seeking a portable option, then this is one available from the factory.

SuperJet Model Speaker option

Finally, there’s Yamaha’s SuperJet jet ski.

This is the stand-up model and has an option for speakers to be attached to the dual steering pole.

They can be purchased as a factory option and will be installed on your jet ski as new.

yamaha super jet jet ski

Do all Waverunners have speakers?

All Waverunners can have speakers installed on them straight from the factory if you’d like. The higher range models, like the luxury range, give you a premium audio system that’s built into the jet ski, along with a range of other features.

This is a more powerful audio option, and it’s integrated into the ski’s onboard computer.

It’s not the only option, though. Depending on which Waverunner you purchase, there are plenty of other Bluetooth speakers to choose from.

As we have outlined above, there are footwell speakers available as well as speakers that can be attached via a mount.

There’s always an option for putting speakers onto a Waverunner jet ski – you just have to decide what’s best for you and your budget.

yamaha footwell speakers on jet ski

Speaker Mounts

Factory speaker mounts are also available in packages to attach Waverunner speakers to your Waverunner jet ski.

Most of these mounts come in a package that includes an audio system straight from the factory or your local dealer.

However, if you want to learn how to mount a Bluetooth speaker to your jet ski, our how-to guide will help.

Audio Packages

Yamaha EX & VX Waverunner Audio Package F3Y-H81C0-V0-00

Yamaha EX & VX Waverunner Audio Package F3Y-H81C0-V0-00

  • IP67 rated
  • 7hrs playtime
  • Stereo sound
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Yamaha FX Waverunner Audio Package F3X-H81C0-T0-00

Yamaha FX Waverunner Audio Package F3X-H81C0-T0-00

  • Models 2019 to 2021
  • IP67 rated
  • Battery life 12-17 hours
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Yamaha FX Waverunner Audio Package F3X-H81C0-T0-00

Yamaha FX Waverunner Audio Package F3X-H81C0-T0-00

  • 15hrs playtime.
  • Bluetooth pairing
  • IP67 rating
  • 2019 and newer
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Yamaha EX & JetBlaster Waverunner Footwell Speakers F3Y-H81C0-S0-00

Yamaha EX & JetBlaster Waverunner Footwell Speakers F3Y-H81C0-S0-00

  • Models 2017-2022
  • Removable footwell speakers 
  • Mounting brackets included
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If you’re here, you already own a Yamaha PWC or are looking to purchase one. Our advice is that if you’re buying a new jet ski and have the budget, go for the factory audio package where available.

If you already own a jet ski or are searching for another option, you could go for footwell speakers. However, in our experience, these can just get in the way a lot of the time. That leaves the option of mounts.

Mounts can also be a fantastic choice, either straight from the factory or aftermarket. If you want Yamaha factory, then go for one of the choices above, and you’re done.

But there are other jet ski Bluetooth speakers that will attach to the same mounts and can be much louder.

Check them out if you’re open to other ideas.

If you’re into factory branded extras, then these are the choices you have for your Yamaha jet ski.

waverunner jet ski