The Best DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker | 3 Top Speakers

DEWALT is a brand that is known for making high-quality power tools.

But did you know that they also make some excellent Bluetooth speakers?

the best dewalt bluetooth speaker

In this article, we are going to take a look at three of the best DEWALT Bluetooth speakers on the market and select the one that, we think, is the best overall.

We will also answer some common questions about DEWALT Bluetooth speakers and help you decide which one is best for your needs.

So, if you do decide to purchase one, you will end up with a solid Jobsite Bluetooth speaker.

Does a DEWALT speaker have Bluetooth?

Yes, all DEWALT Bluetooth speakers have Bluetooth built-in.

Thanks to this functionality, you can easily connect your DEWALT speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Bluetooth simplifies your music experience and is especially helpful when you’re working, as you don’t have the time to waste on complicated audio setups. Simply pair your phone or other Bluetooth device and start streaming your music.

You can even use music apps that you may have on your mobile, such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Can a DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker charge batteries?

The answer is unfortunately no, on all 3 models. The DEWALT DCR010, DCR006 or DCR28B Bluetooth speaker will not charge any DEWALT battery.

You do get versatility here, though, being able to use these speakers via an AC adapter or DEWALT’s 12V or 20V batteries. This also includes a FLEXVOLT battery too.

You will have to purchase a battery, as they are not included with these Bluetooth speakers and are sold separately. But, since you are looking at buying a DEWALT speaker, most likely, you already know the brand and use one or more of their cordless tools. 

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If so, the great news is, you can use one of those batteries you already own with your newly purchased DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth radio or speaker. 

They are great speakers for charging batteries on your mobile devices while you’re on the go, as they work as a powerbank when the battery is attached.

If your mobile phone battery is a little low, then you can plug it in and charge it up via these speakers. They all come with a USB charging port.

You just need a USB charging cable. And, charging your mobile device won’t affect audio quality while you are listening to your favorite music. 

It’s worth mentioning here that while all the DEWALT speakers displayed here have a 3-year warranty, the DEWALT batteries are not far behind, featuring a 2-year warranty for your piece of mind.

Great all rounder
DEWALT DCR010 with Bluetooth

DEWALT DCR010 with Bluetooth

  • USB charging devices
  • Drop-resistant
  • Bluetooth 100ft range
  • Aux-in
  • Stereo sound
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Mini option


  • Small compact
  • Rubber mounts
  • USB charging devices
  • Bluetooth
  • Aux-in
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Top Pick


  • Good work model
  • Rich sound & deep bass
  • AM/FM radio
  • 100ft range
  • Built tough
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How many watts is a DEWALT Speaker?

Where speaker performance is concerned, DEWALT doesn’t specify a wattage for each Bluetooth speaker.

However, the performance of each speaker is different. So, depending on what you are looking for, check that the Bluetooth speaker you are looking at, will be loud enough for your workplace. The bigger the speaker, the larger the audio sound and the richer the bass. 

If you’re looking for a speaker to use in a garage at home, where there won’t be too much noise, then any of these DEWALT Bluetooth speakers will be fine.

Can you link DEWALT speakers?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to pair 2 DEWALT speakers together for added sound either. None of the Bluetooth speakers range from DEWALT have the option to daisy-chain or pair with each other.

If you are looking for speakers that can pair together for factory work or an environment where there is a lot of noise, it may be better to check out other brands.

There are plenty out there, JBL and Altec Lansing are just a couple that allow you to pair dual speakers.

How do you pair a DEWALT Bluetooth speaker?

Pairing a DEWALT Bluetooth speaker is simple. The first thing you need to do is turn on the speaker by pressing the power button.

Once the speaker is turned on, press the Bluetooth button on the speaker to put it in pairing mode.

Then, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone or other device and select the DEWALT speaker from the list of available devices. Once you’ve selected the speaker, it will connect automatically.

Which DEWALT Speaker has a Radio?

The DEWALT DCR028B Bluetooth Speaker is going to be the one you want. This DEWALT Bluetooth speaker has an integrated radio. It has both an AM and FM receiver with 6 presets.

It’s a great feature to have, if you’re working in an area where there is no other source of music or entertainment.

The radio can also be useful for keeping up with the news, traffic conditions or weather reports while you’re working.

Are DEWALT Speakers Waterproof?

DEWALT Bluetooth speakers are not waterproof. The way they are constructed, they look rugged and tough and may withstand a small amount of spray. But, there is no IPX rating whatsoever, so it’s at your own risk.

You wouldn’t want to use them in extremely wet conditions, though, and they aren’t designed to be submerged in water.

If you’re after a speaker to use near a pool or at the beach, then we wouldn’t recommend these speakers.

A DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker: 3 Options

These speakers are ideal for dry work sites, factory work or even in the garage at home. Check out their features and then decide, which one best suits you.

They all have great portability, good battery life and can run directly from AC power as well as from an external DEWALT-made battery that lasts for hours. Perfect to throw in with your DEWALT tools.

With so many options, you’ll have to take everything into account, so check out all the information and grab a DEWALT Bluetooth speaker today.

1. DEWALT DCR010 with Bluetooth

This DEWALT speaker produces great sound for its size, and it might be even louder than you expect. This is thanks to its dual 3” speakers designed and assembled in a way to allow for delivery of high-quality, rich stereo sound.

The speaker itself is small, compact, lightweight and easy to carry around with you. It’s also one of the more affordable options when compared to other DEWALT speakers.

It features a USB port and powerbank functionality, so you can charge your phone or other devices while you’re working. This means you don’t need to worry about carrying your phone charger around, just a USB cable to plug it in.

There is also an auxiliary input for connecting non-Bluetooth audio devices you may want to use.

Bluetooth gives you a stable connection with a range of up to 100 feet. This is helpful if your workshop is relatively big, and you keep your phone in your pocket while you are working.

Controls are all on the front of the speaker, which makes it easy for you to skip music tracks, pause and restart audio, turn up or down volume, etc. 

And of course, there is a carry handle and phone holder built into the handle for convenience.

This speaker is a bare tool only, so to produce any sound, it requires a battery or an AC-powered cord.

It will work with 12V MAX, 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT  DEWALT batteries, adding versatility to your speaker. A detachable power cord is included in the package.

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR010
  • Powerbank
  • 100ft range
  • Play/skip tracks
  • Bass reflex port
  • Carry handle

A 3-year warranty on the tool itself makes it well worth considering for purchase.

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR010 Full Review


Another good value cordless Bluetooth speaker that will deliver plenty of quality sound to keep you entertained on the job.

Turn the volume up and enjoy your music in any location you want. This speaker would be a good addition to any tool collection and a jobsite.

It has 2 built-in drivers to deliver your music, which are encased in a plastic housing with a rubber frame and mounts.

There are buttons on the top of the unit, which you can click to turn on the speaker, pause and control the volume when you’re playing audio.

You won’t be able to skip tracks or return to the previous track without using your streaming device, though, as these controls are unfortunately missing. 

It’s a smaller unit, meaning the sound it produces mightn’t be quite enough if you have a larger job site.

So, if you’re working in noisy environments, then it’ll be best to check out one of the other 2 speakers listed here.

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR006
  • Powerbank
  • Compact device
  • Bluetooth ready
  • 100ft range
  • Quality housing

This speaker can function with the 12V MAX, 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT battery range.

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR006 Full Review


If you’re looking for power, then the DCR028B cordless jobsite radio will most likely be the best choice here. It has dual woofers and dual tweeters to deliver good, even sound quality.

There is also a bass flex port, which enhances low frequencies, in case you are after deeper bass and some extra boom. 

DCR028B is not the biggest in the DEWALT family, but it’s got everything you need for a jobsite. It is powered by either an AC adapter or one of the multiple portable battery options available.

This wireless jobsite radio is compatible with a 12V MAX, 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT battery, so if you already have these kinds of batteries, then you’ll be able to power this unit with them. 

This is a quality build with brackets wrapping around the speakers housing to keep it well protected from knocks and bumps.

A helpful LED screen on the front displays the radio station that you are tuned into on the included AM or FM tuner. Awesome, if you want a jobsite radio to keep up with the latest hits and news. 

All the controls and ports you require are on the front of the speaker around the screen.

These include track change, power, volume, tuner presets, mode and EQ. In addition, there is a Bluetooth pairing button, so you can easily pair your streaming device. Simply hold it down to activate.

The radio is also equipped with an Aux-in and USB charge port, so you can hook up other devices and charge them if needed.

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR028B
  • Bass reflex port
  • Dual woofers
  • Powerbank
  • EQ settings
  • 100ft range

DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker DCR028B Full Review

Top DEWALT Bluetooth Speaker

If you still can’t decide which one from these top 3 Bluetooth speakers is the best DEWALT Bluetooth speaker, then you would have to run with the DCR028B.

It’s a bit larger than the others, while still being a quality compact unit. Friends and workmates will be happy to listen to music from this speaker.

It delivers a quality full sound experience and is the perfect tool to pass the day quickly. Even listening to podcasts or audiobooks will be a pleasure while working on location.

The DCR028B jobsite radio will be a perfect addition to any jobsite or workshop, even in the shed at home as well as your games or party room.

This top DEWALT Bluetooth speaker has all the options and controls you would ever need from a Bluetooth speaker, so if you want it all, this is the model for you.


These are 3 of DEWALT’s top Bluetooth speakers and some of their most popular out there.

If you want a matching speaker to go with your jobsite tools, then choose the one that best suits your needs and start entertaining yourself while working.

All the information you need is right here, check it out and grab one today.

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