Multipoint Bluetooth Earbuds | Exactly How these Earbuds Work

When Bluetooth connectivity came along, it totally changed the wireless game forever.

Wireless connections between multiple devices could be effortlessly implemented and maintained, which allowed quick transfer of large files (including movies and media).

various sets of multipoint bluetooth earbuds on a desk

The only problem with traditional Bluetooth was that each device could only be paired to one other device at a time. At least until multipoint Bluetooth came along, anyway. 

The Difference between Bluetooth Multipoint and Multiconnect

There tends to be some confusion between these two technologies and how they work. Here is an explanation of the differences between Bluetooth multipoint and multi-connect where earbuds and headphones are concerned.

Multipoint Bluetooth

If you have multipoint Bluetooth earphones, earbuds or headphones, they will allow you to connect to and receive data from 2 devices at the same time.

For example, if you’re listening to music from your phone, you can also be connected to your computer to hear when an email comes in. Multipoint connect generally allows simultaneous connection to 2 devices.

Multiconnect Bluetooth

A set of Bluetooth wireless headphones or earbuds with multiconnect means you can generally connect up to 7 devices to your earbuds or 8 devices to your headphones. You can then scroll through these devices and instantly connect to the device you require at the time without needing to re-pair them.

If your Bluetooth earbuds are multiconnect they will not allow data to be transferred from two devices at the same time, which is possible with multipoint.

Also, the reason earbuds only allow 7 devices is that the eighth slot is taken up by the other earbud in the pair.

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What are Multipoint Bluetooth Earbuds?

First introduced with Bluetooth 4.0 (the Bluetooth variant that dropped nearly a decade ago), multipoint allows a device to be connected to multiple wireless devices all at once – holding simultaneous connections and prioritizing certain kinds of traffic across those connections at the same time.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say that you have Bluetooth earbuds ready to rock and roll.

You want to connect them to your smartphone to stream your favorite podcast, but also want to connect them to your computer so that you don’t miss any Slack notifications, too.

As long as your wireless earbuds are multipoint enabled, you’re going to be able to make those two connections (and possibly even more) without any negative effects whatsoever.

You’ll be able to listen to your podcast streaming from your phone, and Slack notifications will be prioritized to “pop through” every time they are pushed across.

It’s the best of all worlds with multipoint earbud technology!

Are AirPods Pro Multipoint?

Apple AirPods Pro are not Multipoint. AirPods Pro are however multiconnect, allowing you to connect to 2 devices at the same time. You won’t be able to receive audio from both connected devices at the same time, which is the case with multipoint earbuds.

If you want to receive audio from two devices at the same time, go for multipoint earbuds, not multiconnect.

Are Bose Multipoint Earbuds Good? 

Bose multipoint headphones rank right up there among the very best of the best, which is a surprise to no one, considering the fact that Bose has always been a top-tier manufacturer of high-quality headphones and speakers.

Earlier Bose devices did have Bluetooth performance issues, to be fair. But they’ve had more than 10 years to really perfect multipoint technology; and the technology has only gotten better with the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0.

Today, Bose headphones with these capabilities while sounding great also allow you to connect multiple devices (oftentimes more than just two separate devices) to a single set of headphones at one time.

Although, you have to choose carefully as not all of their headphones and earbuds are, in fact, multipoint. The only set of earbuds that Bose have that are true multipoint are the SoundSport Wireless, but they are Bluetooth 4.1. They have plenty of headphone options that are multipoint, though.

If you’re set on a good set of true multipoint earbuds, read on, as there are better options from other brands.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

  • Multipoint
  • Mobile App
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairable
  • Sweat and weather resistant
  • 6 hour battery life
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Bose QuietComfort True Wireless Earbuds are Multiconnect not Multipoint

As we highlighted above, Bose is a legendary name in the audio equipment world – especially now when it comes to wireless headphones and earbuds.

These (TWS) True Wireless Stereo multiconnect headphones utilize the next-generation Bluetooth 5.0 connection that helps you connect to multiple devices at a time.

That means you’ll be able to connect to your phone, your computer, and your tablet all at one time while prioritizing different signals along the way. As explained above, though, you can only receive from 1 device at a time.

The active noise-canceling technology built into these headphones is better than maybe anything else from any other major manufacturer in the earbud industry today. Bose really knows what they are doing with their wireless ANC systems.

Simple touch controls make flipping through different audio profiles effortless, but also allows you to answer calls, change the volume, and respond to different notifications in real time.

High-fidelity audio is top-tier across the board, exactly what you would expect from a pair of wireless earbuds that are featuring Bose DNA through and through.

Battery life is a little disappointing, though. You only get 6 six hours on a single charge. When you consider just how much power has been squirreled into these earbuds, though, it’s no surprise that the battery wants to run out that quickly.

Still, these are top-notch Bluetooth earphone systems, and that is incorporated into the price for sure. 

Bose QuietComfort

Bose QuietComfort

  • Noise cancelling
  • Quiet and aware modes
  • 6 hour battery life
  • Touch controls
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Do Soul Headphones and Earbuds Use Multipoint Tech? 

Some of the latest versions of wireless Soul headphones and earbuds do, in fact, take advantage of multipoint technology, though most of their Bluetooth 4.0 options did not have this feature enabled.

It wasn’t until Soul started making wireless headphones utilizing the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol that multipoint was implemented almost across the entire product catalog. Even some of the more budget friendly Soul options come with these multipoint connection features built right in!

Soul Emotion Max Wireless Headphones

Soul Emotion Max Wireless Headphones

  • Multipoint
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Light Weight
  • Up to 38 hours playtime
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
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Top 5 Wireless Headphones with Multipoint

Now that we have gone over (almost) everything there is to know about multipoint connections, how they work, and why they are so important, it’s time to talk about some of our favorite earbuds on the market that support Bluetooth Multipoint.

The 5 best Bluetooth multipoint earbud options that we choose to review below are high quality and have fantastic sounding audio. They are also endlessly comfortable and can easily be connected to multiple devices (so long as they themselves are running Bluetooth 4.0 or higher) with no headache or hassle.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Soul Emotion Pro

These earbuds from the folks at Soul are probably the closest thing the company makes to the Apple AirPods Pro. So if you prefer not to be restricted to Apple, then check these out. They are much better value than AirPods, too.

For starters, these (TWS) True Wireless Stereo earbuds are incredibly compact yet still feature built in Active Noise Canceling technology.

This means that these earbuds aren’t just going to sound great on their own, but are also going to actively cancel out surrounding and ambient noise so that your listening experience isn’t ruined.

Folks that travel a lot or those that spend a lot of time in the office with headphones in are going to love these earbuds for sure.

Thanks to wireless multipoint technology, these earbuds can be connected to your mobile device, your laptop or computer, as well as to any other Bluetooth 4.0 or higher device.

The six built-in microphones provide fantastic voice control, but also makes it easy to connect to calls without a huge drop in audio quality. One voice microphone sits upfront on each wireless earbud, and both earbuds have active noise-canceling feed forward microphones to the rear of the unit.

A mobile app allows you to customize the individual connections of this multipoint system, too. On top of that, you’ll be able to customize the audio experience through these earbuds with the built-in EQ tools.

Depending on whether you use ANC or not, the earbuds including their charging case battery will provide you with up to 36 hours of play time, up to 9 hours on a single charge.

Emotion Pro comes with 6 sets of ear tips for more personalized fit and greater comfort. 

All-in-all, these are some of the very best wireless multipoint earbuds money can buy right now!

Soul Emotion Pro
  • Hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Transparency mode
  • Up to 36 hours of Playtime
  • Wireless charging available
  • 6 sets of ear tips
  • App available

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

Anytime you make a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are recommended by more than 20+ Grammy award-winning audio producers, you know you probably have something special on your hands!

The Liberty 3 Pro series of earbuds from the folks at Soundcore are right up there among the very best of the best when it comes to wireless headphones and earbuds.

For starters, both of these earbuds utilize a coaxial dual driver audio system that provides perfect high and low frequency sound to your ears without any real interference whatsoever.

They create a custom virtual sound stage in concert with one another that offers deep, detailed, spacious sound with delicious mid, sparkly treble and deep bass elements as well.

Moreover, these earbuds have personalized noise-canceling technology built right in. You’ll be able to tailor the noise-canceling system using the integrated mobile app, working to create multiple profiles that fit all of the different ambient noise situations you might find yourself in.

Liberty 3 Pro earphones come with flexible ear wings as well as liquid silicone tips in 4 sizes for more comfort, better fit and seal.

Add in the unbelievable comfort of the triple point ergonomic shape on these earbuds, up to 32 hours of playtime and the multipoint system that lets you connect to more than two devices at a single time and these earbuds are a no-brainer upgrade.

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro
  • Earbuds playtime: 8hrs
  • Case battery life: 24hrs
  • Total playtime: 32hrs
  • Wireless charging
  • IPX4 rated

Jabra Elite 75t Multipoint Noise-Canceling

A major upgrade over the previous version (and not just because now multipoint has been implemented), a lot of people find the Jabra Elite multipoint series to be the very best earbuds for those leading an active lifestyle.

It’s clear that this company set out to do one thing specifically with these earbuds. And this is to create a top-tier piece of audio equipment that could be used by folks on the move, folks out in the elements and folks that are going to sweat a lot. Well, they have all the features for that and more.

These wireless multipoint earbuds are super comfortable overextended periods of time, even if you are particularly active (at the gym or pounding the pavement, for example). They don’t have a lot of give, they don’t have a lot of sharp edges, and they don’t have any real discomfort to speak up.

Instead, they fit into your ear canal like a “second skin”, all while pumping high-quality and high-fidelity audio to your ears, too.

Active Noise Cancellation technology is on full display here. The proprietary ANC system from Jabra is fantastic, even if it isn’t quite as well polished as the one from Bose (but whose is?).

Capable of delivering almost 6 hours of run time on a single charge and up to 24 additional hours from the charging case (and have ANC technology running under the hood), battery life isn’t going to be a problem here.

That’s because you can quick charge these headphones to get 60 minutes of run time in just 15 short minutes! 

Jabra Elite Active 75T Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Microphone Array
  • Active noise cancel
  • 24 hours playtime
  • Waterproof
  • Jabra Sound+ App

Jabra Elite 85t Multipoint Noise-Canceling

If you thought the Jabra Elite multipoint headphones were something special, wait until you get your hands on the 85t multipoint model!

Taking everything that the 75t earbuds did well but ramping things up to 11, these headphones are lightweight, discrete, but capable of delivering oversized sound at the same time.

Active Noise Cancellation technology from Jabra is also on full display here, and so is the new proprietary Hear Through system pioneered by this company that lets in sounds you want to hear while blocking out everything else.

11 sound levels let you dial in the volume perfectly, but when you pair these headphones with the included mobile application, you can take even more granular control over the sound stage using the EQ tools.

Multipoint guarantees that you’re able to connect to up to 2 devices you want to connect to all at once, without having to fight or struggle with disconnecting, reconnecting and resynchronization.

Instead, all you have to do is connect your Jabra Elite Multipoint earbuds to the individual wireless devices you would like to be paired with at once and then run the mobile application to prioritize different sounds and different elements from these devices.

It really is that easy! 

Jabra Elite 85t
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 6 mic array
  • Up to 25 hours playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Jabra Sound+ App

Technics EAH-AZ40

The audio quality on these multipoint earbuds compares favorably to the best headphones on the market today – whether those are earbuds or traditional headphones, even.


The sound that comes out of Technics true wireless headphones is almost silky smooth!

That’s thanks to the creation of a unique 6 mm audio driver that produces fantastic sound (even, authentic and totally rich), but also because of the Acoustic Control Chamber built into each earbud as well.

The true wireless audio experience with these tiny little earbuds will leave you blown away.

Voice control and phone call clarity is crystal clear, too. Six individual microphones and noise reduction  technology guarantees that your voice is transmitted authentically when you are accepting calls with these earphones in.

All-in-all, these are spectacular wireless multipoint earbuds that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Technics EAH-AZ40
  • Up to 25 hours of playtime
  • 6 microphones
  • IPX4 rated
  • Touch controls
  • 4 sized ear tips
  • Natural ambient mode

Best Bluetooth Headphones with Multipoint for the Price

Another fantastic pair of headphones from Soul, these aren’t earbuds – but they do feature multipoint capabilities.

Obviously, much larger than earbuds, these headphones are still relatively compact and super comfortable (for studio headphones). You’re not going to feel like they are too heavy, too tight or causing you any headaches even if you are wearing them for extended amounts of time.

The 40 mm audio driver “under the hood” of these headphones pairs nicely with AptX and AAC codec options. The end result is a sound stage that sounds much larger than what a pair of headphones could produce, especially when you combine that with the Active Noise Cancellation technology, too.

Multipoint allows you to connect these headphones to 2 devices at once, flipping between different signals and different devices on-the-fly but also prioritizing traffic so that you can receive notifications while listening to music (for example). 

Final Verdict: A Wireless Multipoint Headphone

We only have one warning to share with you about multipoint wireless headphones and true wireless earbuds:

The second that you switch to them, you are never going to want to go back! These could be a cool gaming option as well if you want background music from a second device

These headphones that allow you to connect to multiple devices all at once are going to change the way you use Bluetooth headphones forever. Trying to go back to single connection devices ever again is going to be a real nightmare.

The technology is more refined today than ever before, too.

This tech was introduced nearly a decade ago with Bluetooth 4.0 and was sort of raw back then. It’s been heavily refined ever since, to the point where it’s difficult imagining this wireless technology getting any more consistent or any more reliable.

If you’re after a great pair of multipoint headphones, start with the five that we highlighted above.

You can’t go wrong with any of these multipoint earbud choices!

Also, if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung has a set of multipoint earbuds as well.

The only issue with them is the multipoint setting will only support their galaxy phones.

If you don’t mind this, then check out the Galaxy Buds Pro and get all the details.

multipoint earbuds in use