Troubleshooting JBL Bluetooth Speaker Connections

Connecting two or more JBL Bluetooth speakers together can be a great way to enjoy your music in multiple rooms, but it can also be tricky.

If you’ve ever had trouble connecting your JBL speakers together, you know how frustrating it can be.

jbl bluetooth speakers that will not connect

In this article, we’ll take a look at the common issues that can come up when you’re trying to connect two or more JBL Bluetooth speakers, and we’ll also give you detailed instructions on how to pair them correctly.

We’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about connecting multiple JBL speakers from different devices. This includes iPhones, Android phones, Apple tablets, Macs, and more. So if you’re having trouble getting your JBL speakers connected properly, read on!

JBL Speakers that Won’t Connect to Each Other

First off, one of the most common problems that people come across is compatibility issues between speaker generations.

There are three different technologies that JBL has used in their Bluetooth speakers over the years for multi-connecting their speakers:

  • Connect
  • Connect+
  • PartyBoost

These three technologies are all incompatible with each other, so trying to connect a speaker from one generation with other JBL speakers from a different generation will fail.

If you have two speakers that are the same model, but from different generations (i.e., Connect vs. Connect+), unfortunately, you won’t be able to pair them together. The only way to connect two or more JBL speakers is to make sure all speakers are using the same technology.

PartyBoost is JBL’s current multi-connection technology, so if you have two different models of this generation, they should connect with no issues.

Be sure to check your JBL speaker generations are the same before trying to connect them together.

If you would like to know more about PartyBoost, then read our JBL PartyBoost Speakers article. There you’ll also find an in-depth step-by-step guide on how to connect these speakers.

Also double-check that your speaker is charged and turned on. This is a common reason why speakers won’t connect.

Steps to Connect JBL Speakers to Each Other

This is a generic guide that gives you the basic steps for connecting two or more JBL Bluetooth speakers to each other. We always recommend that you check your owner’s manual for specific instructions, as they can vary depending on your device and the connection technology your speakers are using.

  1. Have your Bluetooth device and each JBL speaker you want to use nearby for easy access.
  2. Make sure one of the speakers is in pairing mode. This will be the main speaker, and you can pair it to your phone or device via Bluetooth. Once paired, it should show up as a connected device in your Bluetooth menu.
  3. Start playing your music on this speaker, so you can more easily confirm the connection. Press the PartyBoost, Connect+, or Connect button on this speaker. Now press the same button on your second speaker.
  4. The two speakers should now be connected and music should be playing through both of them. Now you can add a third speaker the same way if you have PartyBoost or Connect+ JBL Speakers, as these technologies will allow up to 100 JBL speaker connections.

Note that the older JBL Connect speakers only allow two Bluetooth speakers to be connected at once.

PartyBoost speakers can also be connected through the JBL portable app. This gives you a more streamlined experience, with easy controls and visuals to connect multiple speakers.

Why is my Bluetooth Speaker not connecting?

The main reason JBL Speakers may not connect is because of incompatible technologies in different generations. You can only connect JBL speakers together if they are the same generation; otherwise they won’t work.

A second common reason could be that your device or speakers are too far away from each other. Always make sure you keep them within a reasonable distance of each other when setting up, then once they’re connected you can move them apart.

Another very common problem is that the software can just get jammed up, so a quick reset of all your devices may address the issue.

If all else fails, then have a look at the FAQs below: they might provide you with the answer you’re looking for.

FAQs for JBL Speakers that Won’t Connect to Each Other

Here’s a list of questions and answers addressing the most common issues people have when trying to connect their JBL Bluetooth speakers together. They’re all issues that people have run into over the years when using multi-connect with their JBL speakers.

They will address most connection issues when it comes to JBL speakers.

Can a JBL Charge 3 link to a Pulse 3?

A JBL Charge 3 speaker will need a firmware update to update it from Connect to Connect+. Once this is done, you’ll be able to connect your JBL Pulse 3 speaker to it.

You should now have audio playing on both your JBL Charge 3 and JBL Pulse 3 speakers.

Why won’t my JBL Bluetooth speaker stay connected?

There may be some sort of connection issue with Bluetooth. The most common fix for this problem is to perform a factory reset of the speaker. Check your user manual, but the common way to do this with JBL speakers is by holding down the volume up and play buttons simultaneously.

The speaker should beep and the power button will light up to signal it has been reset. Now reconnect your speaker and the issue should be resolved.

Will JBL Connect and JBL PartyBoost work together?

No, JBL Connect and JBL PartyBoost speakers do not work together. They are two different technologies and will never work together.

I’m having Bluetooth connection issues with dual pairing on my phone with JBL Flip 5 speakers.

If you’re having issues using two JBL Flip 5 speakers with your iPhone dual pairing mode, then try connecting one speaker to your phone first. Now use the PartyBoost feature to connect to the other speaker.

This will also work with Samsung and Android devices that have the dual audio feature.

Using the speaker’s multi-connect feature is a better way of connecting two JBL Flip 5 speakers or others, as it gives them the ability to play audio in stereo, giving you a better listening experience.

Why won’t my JBL speaker connect to my phone?

There are many reasons that a JBL speaker won’t connect to a phone. Some common issues are due to compatibility, range, and software updates.

First, make sure your speaker is compatible with your device, then check the speakers are within a reasonable Bluetooth range of each other. Always keep them updated with the latest firmware versions, as this will reduce bugs that may have been present in earlier versions.

Typically, the most simple fix is to just reboot and reset all devices, pair them, and try again.

Why does my JBL Speaker keep disconnecting from my smartphone?

A common reason this can happen is that the speaker is out of range from your device.

Simply bring the speakers and the phone a little closer and see if that resolves the issue.

Another fix is to factory reset the Bluetooth speaker by holding down the volume up and play buttons together. This will reset the speaker, which usually resolves the problem.

How do I put my JBL Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode?

You can put your JBL speaker into pairing mode by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button on the side of the speaker.

You will know it’s in pairing mode when the speaker chimes and the LED ring lights up blue.

Now you can select your JBL speaker from your device’s list of available Bluetooth devices and pair it.

Why won’t my JBL speaker connect to my MacBook?

If your JBL speaker won’t connect to your MacBook, it may be due to compatibility issues, but that’s unlikely if it’s fairly new.

First off, you may want to update both the JBL speaker and your MacBook with any available software or firmware updates, as these can help fix bugs that cause connection issues.

Next, try rebooting and resetting both devices before trying again. This could be enough to get them connected.

Finally, make sure that the speaker is selected as the output audio device for the Mac. These are the most common problems that can arise when trying to connect JBL speakers to an Apple MacBook.

My JBL Bluetooth speaker is connected, but there’s no sound

When this happens, a quick fix is to try a factory reset of the speaker. To achieve this, hold down the volume up and play buttons together until the power button lights up.

Now try connecting your Bluetooth device again, and hopefully, you should be able to hear sound.

If not, then make sure your audio isn’t muted and that your speaker is selected as the output audio device.

Why won’t my JBL Speaker connect to Wi-Fi?

Most JBL portable speakers are Bluetooth enabled, so they cannot connect to Wi-Fi. You can use the JBL Portable app to control multiple speakers over Bluetooth, but you can’t connect them to Wi-Fi directly.


Overall, connecting JBL Bluetooth speakers together can be a tricky process. However, with the right knowledge and instruction, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

We hope that this article has shed some light on how you can connect multiple JBL speakers to your devices, as well as troubleshooting any issues that may arise during this connection process.

If these tips didn’t help you solve the problem, then please feel free to contact us for additional assistance!

We are here to provide resources and answer all questions related to using JBL speakers in dual pair mode or connecting them together.

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